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Teachers Are Sharing Times They Were Secretly Impressed With A Troublemaker They Had To Punish

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It's the job of teachers to punish a student who breaks the rules, but that doesn't mean they always agree with it. These teachers of Reddit are sharing the times they couldn't help but secretly be impressed with a kid who was causing some trouble. Are you also impressed by them?

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    A Student Fills Out A Resume Assignment Incorrectly, But Only Because He Had To Do It All Via Text Message

    From Redditor u/questnnansr:

    I know this will probably get buried in the comments but I was teaching a biology mentoring summer camp during grad school for high school students interested in health care. Most of the students were middle to upper middle class kids who came to the summer camp with all of the electronics you can imagine. One day we gave the kids an assignment to create their own resume so that they could use it as a template. The day after it was due I was called to the coordinators office where they requested me to speak to one of the students. They told me he clearly didn’t follow the template and all of his margins were off. They instructed me to tell him to make sure he follows directions. I went to the kid and he told me that he didn’t have a laptop and he stayed up all night on his flip phone so that he could complete the assignment via text message. He texted it to one of the other students so that they could print it for him and he was too embarrassed to ask for help. This is the type of phone where you have to hit certain numbers multiple times to get the correct letter. I was so impressed I worked with him during that days lunch period to get the resume completed the right way on my laptop. I was so impressed because he was so committed and was unwilling to request help. I just told him that as you age you’ll know that you can’t do it on your own. I kept in contact with the kid and he finished top of his class at University of Maryland and is set to complete his doctorate of pharmacy next year. I always think about that kid but he really is impressive. He had to skip lunch so that he could redo it but he was overjoyed for the opportunity.

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    A Student Tells Off A Bully In ESL Class

    From Redditor u/hansol1986:

    ESL teacher here. So I teach high school ESL class where most of my students either don't speak any English or they speak very little. I had a student in there who was constantly disruptive and liked to bully the other kids to "establish his manliness". One day, the disruptive kid is doing his normal annoying shtick and out of nowhere, my quiet little Latina in the corner of the room, in the clearest pronounced English I've ever heard her speak, said, "you stupid motherf**ker". I had to hold in a laugh. I then had a quick convo with her and congratulated her on the clear pronunciation but also told her she couldn't say that in class.

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    A Student Roasted His Bullies In A Rap In Front Of The Class

    From Redditor u/RoronoaZoro1102:

    In a school I used to work in (as a NET in asia) there was a kid who was frequently in trouble but at his core was a good kid. He was always late/failing exams/not doing homework or having arguments with teachers over stuff. He only argued if he genuinely felt the teacher was in the wrong (at times they were) however he was a genuine and funny kid and just lacked motivation.

    He was also kinda picked on by a group of boys in his class. Now as an English teacher I assigned the kids into groups and asked them to write a song/rap/poem that they could perform for the class in English.

    This kid decided it was his chance to destroy the guys in his class picking on him. He whipped out a rap that wrecked them which included two lines "..... get all the chicks, but its hard to please with their tiny d**ks".

    I had to punish him but god damn I was impressed!

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    A Student Helps Their Friend Cheat And Then Takes The Blame To Protect The Friend

    From Redditor u/tadeu_fo:

    After grading an exam, I realized two students were cheating because they had the same answer. I knew who had copied since one of them had straight A all over the semester while the other was struggling. So, as I did not saw the cheat happening, I gave a chance to both come out and tell the truth and said:

    – Ok, the one who copied will receive 0 and the one who really did it will receive half the grade. So which of you really did the original answer?

    I was expecting the cheater to come clean or the A student to try to not get punished.

    The problem was that the cheater stayed in silence while the A student took the blame.

    Later that day the A student called me to say his friend was going through hard times with his family and needed some help with his grades, so he helped.

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