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Teachers And Students Share The Best Excuses Given For Being Late That Turned Out To Be True

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These excuses go way past saying your stomach hurts; and yet they're all TRUE!

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    It Blew Up

    From Redditor u/AusPB90:

    I was one of about 20 kids who were late to school. We showed up at the school office as a group and when questioned why we were late, we said "The school bus blew up".

    They questioned "So the engine blew up"

    The kids "No, the whole bus, in flames. It blew up"

    There was much conference between the teachers, all of them thinking we embellished the story. Next thing you know, one of the admin staff has the news website open, very obvious image of an entire bus on fire with a bunch of kids in our school uniform standing in front of it. Our late slip for class read "School bus blew up".

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    One In A Million Chance

    From Redditor u/mamacrocker:

    "My car got hit by lightning." It did, in the school parking lot. Her tires were melted to the pavement. She had to go out and deal with the tow truck/call her parents/etc. It was pretty dramatic.

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    A Drive By On A Bus!

    From Redditor u/lotusblossom60:

    My best story ever! I taught in a [tough] inner city school. My student comes in at 10:30. I was like, dude, where were you. Oh, my bus was late. Yah, no. Why would your bus be three hours late. Well Miss, there was a drive by shooting. OMG are you okay? Someone shot at the bus? No ma’am, a kid shot a gun out of the bus. We got pulled over. The cops had to search everyone. The kid with the gun was literally the last kid to be searched. True story, you can’t make this sh** up.

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    This Student Should Get A Medal Of Honor

    From Redditor u/Sheldon_Turtle:

    Literally today, child missed my first hour class, notes said car accident on the way to school and would be coming late. Kid comes for 2nd hour, has pictures on his phone of the ROLLOVER accident! WTF, kid, go home. Rest. Take care of yourself.

    Edit: I have another one, although this one happened to a classmate when we were in college training to be teachers. She missed a really important class, came for just the last 10 minutes or so because her neighbor knocked on her door while in active labor asking for help a little while before she was supposed to leave for class. Classmate walked back to neighbor's house with preggo neighbor and delivered her baby in the living room while on the phone to 911. Paramedics came and mom and baby were fine, but classmate needed to go home and shower/change first because she was covered in blood.

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