15 People Tell Eerie Stories Of Guardian Angels Looking Out For Them

If you ever missed death by an inch, and you believe you had a little help, you may be one of many people with guardian angel stories. Even for nonbelievers, a brush with real guardian angels is an encounter with the uncanny, proof of entities in the world beyond your line of sight. That's why real guardian angel stories, such as the ones these Reddit users experienced, are so creepy; even if it ends as a positive experience, it leaves you with a lot of lingering questions. Most people believe real guardian angels protect people from harm, but that doesn't make them less unnerving—if guardian angels are real, so are the forces they seek to protect people from. 

Disembodied voices, invisible hands, and some incredible good fortune present in these stories all give proof of guardian angels in day-to-day life. But even if you write these accounts off as gut feelings that got lucky, it means you believe in gut feelings, which in the end are just as fantastic as the concept of people with guardian angels. If anything, maybe gut feelings provide another way real-life guardian angels try to guide people to safety each day. There are crazier theories out there.

  • A Guardian Angel Helped This Poster Avoid A Deadly Snakebite

    From lightenergy:

    "When I was in my 20s, I spent four years traveling the world. I was in South Africa, just outside Durban, and a friend had taken me on his motorbike to his favourite waterfall. We had both been swimming but I got cold and went to sit on a patch of green grass. To get there, I had to step from the sand I was on over a log then across a bit to the grass. I was walking medium speed, and lifted one foot to step over the log, when a VERY loud booming masculine voice shouted, "STOP!" Except the shout wasn't heard with my ears, it was inside my head. Hard to explain. Also, there was nobody else around except Tim and I, and he was still happily swimming.

    I stopped, wondering what had just happened. I still had my foot in the air above the log. I looked around, and spotted what I thought was a leaf waving about six inches from my big toe. It took me a few seconds to realise that it wasn't a leaf, but a snake. A black mamba. He had his head raised and was licking the air right near my toe. He was waiting to see what my next move was to be, and he had seen me long before I saw him. I slowly backed up and walked very carefully backwards to where Tim was. I have no explanation for the voice that I heard, except that it was so loud and was inside my head rather than heard with my ears, and it came at a time when I didn't feel in any danger at all - in fact I was very calm and happy. I feel that it was my guardian angel who shouted at me to stop, as I would have stepped right on the snake. My guardian angel saved my life."

  • A Mysterious Voice Saved This Girl's Life

    From twotwirlygirlys:

    "My sister had a similar experience. She was in a car wreck and her '70s grocery-getter started flipping through the air. A voice loudly told her to lift her arms. She broke a bone in her hand, but she was told that doing that probably saved her life. Her hand took the brunt of the landing and she did not fall on her head."

  • This Poster Narrowly Avoided Being Drugged

    From a deleted account:

    "Once I was with a small group of four, stuck in very very difficult circumstances without food. We would no doubt be rescued within 24 hours, but a lot could happen before that.

    One guy pulled out a box of six beautiful Belgian chocolate truffles from his jacket and offered them around. Chocolate! I almost was reaching for one when I heard this voice screaming inside me 'don't touch that!' So I didn't.

    They were laced with LSD. And we were trapped in a Central American conflict zone in the middle of the night. Nothing in my consciousness could have ever suggested to me that someone would do something so stupid under such circumstances."

  • A Guardian Angel Promised To Make Everything Okay

    From Ariel125:

    "About 20 years ago my family was getting ready to move across the country for my dad's job and my grandmother was worried sick. She was not elderly back then and in perfect health. She was in church, worried and praying we would be safe being so far away. Suddenly a booming voice echoed through the whole church 'I will take care of your family-y-y-y-y-y' (echoing).

    She shot up, looked around; no one else had heard it. No one. She knows it was God or her guardian angel telling her we would be okay."

  • This Guardian Angel Provided Better - But Not Necessarily Good - Luck

    From Houdat:

    "I've never seen one but I've always had a feeling of being 'watched over' or protected. I've been incredibly lucky in my life. For instance, I'm epileptic and the first time I had a Grand Mal seizure as opposed to a Petite Mal seizure was when I was 15. I had it in the shower one morning while getting ready for school. I hit my head on the faucet so hard that I knocked it loose but came away from it with a mild concussion. That's happened several times and each time I just barely missed serious injury.

    When my insurance company and pharmacy gave me a generic medication instead of the name brand that I needed, I had a seizure. This time I was driving in front of the big box retailer that I work for. This place is always busy (not Walmart) and somehow I managed to not hit anyone and only hit a small tree. Someone dropped the ball in the ER and didn't report the accident to the DMV and I didn't lose my license.

    Years later, I made the mistake of driving after a few beers, and when a car stopped in the middle of making a turn I lightly tapped them and went to jail. I learned my lesson and would never do it again, but that lesson could have been so much worse. There are other things, mostly small but meaningful events that could have and should have been so much worse then they were, but things seem to work out for the best and lessons are learned. I'm not sure I believe in a God but I do believe that there is something that for some reason has protected me and now my family."

  • Not Everybody Got To Have A Guardian Angel

    From downhereforyoursoul:

    "A few months back at a family gathering, after a few glasses of wine, my mom shared this story from when she was a kid.

    She and a childhood friend were walking home from school one day and about to cross a country road that was normally deserted. They'd been warned to be careful around that road before, but being kids never thought much about it. On one occasion, she said they got to the road, and she was overcome with a sense of dread. She felt rooted to the spot, as if something was literally holding her in place. Her friend started crossing without her, and a guy in a truck happened to be speeding along, not paying attention, and ran over her friend.

    The girl died later in the hospital. My mom sincerely believes that her guardian angel saved her life that day, but that makes me wonder about the other little girl. Her angel was taking a smoke break or something?"