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People Describe Things They Strongly Suspect But Have No Proof Of  

Erin Maxwell
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Ever been suspicious of a good friend, family member, or coworker of something insidious? Perhaps you have a sinking feeling in your gut every time you think of a particular person or place. Do you think a company - or maybe even the government - is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? 

Well, don't worry - the internet is filled with all sorts of conspiracy-minded folks with similar stories. On Reddit, people have shared misgivings, mistrusts, and fairly amusing suspicions that are only based on a hunch. Be wary: Entries may cast a shadow of doubt over your life.

Family Secret

From Redditor /u/Earguy:

[I suspect that] a relative is a CIA agent. She was in the Peace Corps, Vietnam era. Ever since, she's been a "world traveler," somehow able to drop her work and "go [hike] the Spanish version of the Appalachian Trail" or otherwise go to exotic locales.

Sometimes she came back with injuries: "I fell as we were climbing some rocks." Her son is in the agency as an employee, not a spy, and he's married to a CIA translator.

Shutter Shock

From Redditor /u/justthatoboist:

[I suspect that] some Canadian guy who owns an antique shop that I bought a camera from in April recognized me. He acted flustered when I came in, and I came back the next day to make my purchase. He sold me the camera for what I thought was a reasonable price and threw in an owner's manual in near perfect condition.

A quick google search reveals that it's an extremely rare camera that was only produced for two years. 1/1000 still in existence are operational, and 1 out of every 1000 working ones still has a certain part (mine does). This guy's whole shop was based around antique cameras, and my dad talked shop with him for a while, and he even explained to me how to find film or modify some for my camera.

He knew what he was selling me and lost a LOT of money on the transaction.

Bigfoot Theory

From Redditor /u/Unleashtheducks:

Bigfoot is actually a cultural memory from humans who migrated from Asia, and that’s why there are stories about Yeti and Sasquatch. The actual creature [went extinct] tens of thousands of years ago.


From Redditor /u/mlg2433:

Only about 10% of lottery winners actually win those huge power balls. Of course someone real has to win sometimes. Can’t have no winners, or people would get suspicious. But honestly, who would know if there was no real winner?

Since the chances are so small, nobody gets suspicious if their ticket doesn’t win. Basically free money for the state to use. Not to mention the states that allow you to remain anonymous.