Wedding Planners Are Sharing Stories Of The Weirdest Couples They Ever Met 

Amalia Halpin
May 28, 2020 5.8k votes 1k voters 55.8k views 21 items

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A wedding planner's job is to make the betrothed couple's dreams come true. Sometimes the couple's dreams are pretty wild, though.

Not Cool At All

From Redditor u/standrightwalkleft:

As a former caterer and venue manager I've certainly seen my share of crazy. Like the mom who insisted on serving chicken, but then said our (brined) chicken was raw and swore up and down for months that we were trying to poison her. I was never able to convince her to just switch to the f***ing short rib!

But the selfish couples are the ones who really make me sad. I had one couple book an old barn for their wedding. The ceremony was out in a field, cocktails on the ground floor of the barn, and reception up a narrow staircase on the 2nd floor.

THIS B**** booked a non-accessible venue knowing that one of her guests uses a wheelchair. He showed up to this venue 1.5 hours outside the city and was basically only able to attend the cocktail hour. We served him and his wife a nice private dinner on the ground floor and made them as comfortable as we could. They were super nice but you could see the sadness in their eyes

They thanked us for dinner and left without saying goodbye to the couple.

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Poor Guy

From Redditor u/AloopOfLoops:

I had one wedding where the bride told the groom aloud at the altar "I'm not really that in love with you.... but I think you'll be a good husband."

The look on his face..... He tried to laugh it off and told her to hush but he was tearing up as they walked away.

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Reuse And Recycle But Maybe Not Like That

From Redditor u/anoukdaae:

Oof. I had a couple whose last name, in another language, literally means "Penis." Which was actually really fitting, because they were epic d-.... words for that. Yup.

The guy would hit on me, all the female waitstaff, and even the company's owner's mother (who was 65) whenever his fiancee left the room. Not just harmless flirtations, I mean like legit vulgar propositions.

That wasn't even the worst part though. They had this request that we save all the bottles of beer, wine, and liquor from the event because the husband and his groomsmen were going to melt them down and make dildos out of them in various styles to be used on the bride after they were married.

I just... that was the last wedding I helped coordinate. I left that company as soon as that wedding was done.

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Why Are We Even Here?

From Redditor u/loritree:

I worked at a tux place. I was measuring a groom and his best man. The whole time the best man was saying awful things about the bride. Finally the groom said something along the lines of “oh well, that’s what divorce is for.”

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