29 Of The Weirdest Lies Our Parents Told Us Growing Up That We Actually Believed

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Lies to eat our veggies, lies to keep us safe, lies to get us to go to bed. It's impressive what our parents got us to believe. 

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    It's Not

    From Redditor u/dcxr:

    Turning on the lights in the car while driving is illegal.

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    Use Your Turn Signal Correctly

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    That if I used one brand of shampoo and a different brand of conditioner that my hair would fall out. Also when I was five or six I asked what would happen if you went the opposite way that you turned the turn signal, my mom told me the car would explode and kill us. Not sure why she told me that s***.

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    Check Your Eyes

    From Redditor u/mikelisse:

    When we would go to the beach I would never want to get out of the water so my mom told me that staying in the water too long would make me "water logged." She said she could look into my eyes and see the level of water in my system. If the water raised above my iris that meant I had to get out and let the water drain before I would drown. I believed this for far too long.

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    Dungeons & Dragons Will Steal Your Soul

    From Redditor u/Pyrochazm:

    "D&D is a satanic cult that will lure you in in order to offer you up for sacrifice" lol no, mom.

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