29 Of The Weirdest Lies Our Parents Told Us Growing Up That We Actually Believed

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Lies to eat our veggies, lies to keep us safe, lies to get us to go to bed. It's impressive what our parents got us to believe. 

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    A Cultural Thing

    From Redditor u/negative_space_:

    I was born left-handed. My pops used to smack the s*** outta me if I used my left had, in essence forcing me to be right-handed. I had to constantly remind myself to use the hand with my birthmark to avoid smacks. As an adult I asked my pops why he forced me to be right-handed and he gave some tepid response about 'when you're left handed you'll have a tendency to pull that way when you're driving exposing you to oncoming traffic' Sounded like bulls*** to me, and is confirmed by all the left hand driver is the world that don't spontaneously drive into oncoming traffic. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to know. For reference, my pops is an old school vietnamese dude. I feel like its a cultural thing, but I was raised american and have no f***ing idea

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    Use Your Turn Signal Correctly

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    That if I used one brand of shampoo and a different brand of conditioner that my hair would fall out. Also when I was five or six I asked what would happen if you went the opposite way that you turned the turn signal, my mom told me the car would explode and kill us. Not sure why she told me that s***.

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    The Timeless Taunt Of The "Permanent Record"

    From Redditor u/SuzQP:

    If you get in trouble at school it will go on your PERMANENT RECORD and ruin your life.

    Not once has anyone, from college admissions to prospective employers to loan officers, so much as mentioned the legendary PERMANENT RECORD.

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    They Owe You Money

    From Redditor u/ktbunny:

    "Your passion and talent for art, games, web design, and photo-manipulation won't make you any money. Go to college for something that will get you an actual career, like Psychology." I graduated high school in 2007. I wanted to go to a particular "College of Art & Design" for game design or industrial & product design, but I listened to their advice instead. They were VERY WRONG.

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    Raw Noodles Will KILL You

    From Redditor u/allthecagesinthezoo:

    My mom warned me as a kid that eating the loose pieces of dried ramen from the pack would make me deathly ill.

    I kept doing it with no problems. One day she said that in front of my dad when I was a teen and he just gave her this “wtf are you talking about” look.

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    It's Not

    From Redditor u/dcxr:

    Turning on the lights in the car while driving is illegal.

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