The Most Hilarious Trucks of All Time

If you didn't have the unique experience of growing up in the South, you may or may not already be familiar with the celebrated tradition of the numerous redneck trucks that populate the region. You see, although certain parts of the backwoods may not exactly be known for their five-star class, the folks who populate them generally couldn't give what some might refer to as "a f*ck less." You see, down in land of gravel, trails, and off-road terrain trashy trucks are not only the norm, but in many places reign supreme. These are the most hilarious redneck trucks of all time.  

Photo: via motor1

  • 1. This Plumber Rocks The Best Decal Ever

    786 votes
  • 2. Now Equipped With Built-In Rest Stop

    638 votes
  • 3. When the Fire Station Will Be There Right After The Truck Rally

    518 votes
  • 4. Who Says Rednecks Ain't Into Education?

    517 votes
  • 5. When Rednecks Win the Lottery

    477 votes
  • 6. Give You One Guess What This Guy Would Rather Be Doing...

    503 votes