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20 Hilarious Hillbilly Wedding Photos

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Are you the type who’s always found traditional wedding attire a little drab? Do you consider "daddy" another name for king? Would you rather have a wedding that served up real booze and Coors Light instead of fancy wines that don’t even come in a box? Can you name a famous Italian baroque painter? If you answered “hell yeah” or lied "no" to either of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place, friend. Take a break from that show with the female TV detectives, and check out these redneck wedding photos that prove true love comes in all shapes, sizes, and patterns- yes, even camo. But first, put on Christian movies for kids on Netflix, because some of these pics might not be for them. They can go inside their room and debate on the best League of Legends champions or binge watch a list of roasts on Comedy Central. 

If you've ever asked yourself "what to do for my 18th birthday," remember: you don't have to get married. From shotgun brides who may or may not be actually carrying shotguns to hillbilly wedding parties that just flat out refuse to wear sleeves, these country wedding folks have taken redneck wedding chic to the next level. They probably have no idea about the good and bad things about Andrew Jackson. Rest assured that the likes of the camo wedding cakes and fancy moonshine mason jars you'll see here are enough to make any Southern bride and groom squeal with delight. These folks invite you to deem them white trash all you like, as they care on in comfort, style, and on the wings of a killer beer buzz the likes of which most big city folk can scarcely dream about. They don't care about famous libras

So if you’re looking for some down home inspiration or camo wedding ideas, you find everything you need in these hillbilly wedding photos. Enjoy, and if you need eyebleach, here are pics of the cutest types of cats

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