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All The References To Other Star Wars Films In Rogue One

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For all of its many faults, Rogue One makes some deep cuts when it comes to referencing the original film series – and even the prequels. Even if you didn’t enjoy the film, you can’t say that the writers and director don’t know the Star Wars universe inside and out. And hats off to the filmmakers for arguably making the first horror film in Star Wars canon

Many of the Rogue One easter eggs serve to remind the audience that A New Hope is technically the next film in chronological order, and that while things may look bleak for the heroes of the film, life is about to get much better for the Rebels. Audiences expected a few Rogue One cameos, but some of the characters that actually appear onscreen are mind blowing. After all, most Star Wars fans probably assumed that once Disney bought the rights to the series, the prequels would never be referenced again. If you’ve seen Rogue One, you know that’s definitely not true.

Since the first of many Star Wars Stories takes place in such close chronological proximity to A New Hope, it makes sense that many of the Rogue One references would drop hints at the film to come. But Rogue One doesn’t rest on its reference laurels with one film and, instead, it brings in a litany of references that touch on everything from The Clone Wars series to tossed-off observations made in novelizations. These references and nods to previous Star Wars films get a little spoilery, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, proceed with caution. 

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