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Stupidly Brilliant Protestant Reformation Memes That Only History Nerds Will Find Funny

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Admittedly, Protestant Reformation memes probably aren't the first thing people would think of when looking for humorous history tidbits. But as it turns out, the Reformation – the period in the 16th century when Christians across Europe were breaking away from the Catholic Church to protest new doctrines (like buying your way out of purgatory with indulgences) – can get pretty funny. Key players like Martin Luther nailing his Ninety-five Theses to a church door and Henry VIII creating a whole new church just to get a divorce are especially worthy of some reformed memes.

We've collected the funniest Reformation memes we could find across the internet, featuring our boys Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and even some John Calvin to cover all flavors of early Protestantism. And you don't even have to pay your way into meme heaven to see them.