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15 Non-Superpowered Characters Who Could Out-Hunt A Predator

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How powerful is the Predator - or the "Yautja" if you want to get technical? Sure, these alien hunters are buff, and they're outfitted with some of the coolest gadgets in the galaxy, but audiences have witnessed their defeat at the hands of mere mortals. In the first film in the Predator series, a Yautja is fought to a draw by Dutch, a shredded military contractor who gets down and dirty to take out this creature. Surely there are plenty of other non-superpowered characters who could do the same thing.

The best Predator moments are those when the Yautja is on its heels a little, when it has to show why it really is the greatest hunter in the universe. Each of the following characters have impressive abilities that help them beat the odds time and time again, but at the end of the day, they're all just people. Some of them would definitely come out on top in a fight with a Yautja, while others may not be up to the competition. Whatever the case, whoever loses, we win.

  • Survival Strengths: Ninja, weapons expert, survivor, and assassin - Hawkeye has all the tools to survive a run-in with a Yautja. He's acrobatic and can turn anything into a weapon, making him deadly prey for any trophy-hunting aliens.

    Most Impressive Feats: Hawkeye may not be the flashiest member of the Avengers, but what he lacks in superpowers, he more than makes up for in skill and general survival abilities. He held his own against thousands of aliens during the Battle of New York, and he faced down a giant robot on the island of Sokovia. One of the most impressive things about this character's MCU run is the fact that he had his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet in the middle of a fight with Thanos and managed to survive. After something like that, a single Yautja has to feel like small potatoes.

    How Would He Face The Yautja: No matter where Hawkeye meets the Yautja for their showdown, you can bet he's going to try and keep as much distance between himself and the alien. Not only will the lack of proximity help Hawkeye fire off the arrows he needs to take down the creature, but it'll also give him time to recalibrate in case something goes wrong. At the end of the day, look for Hawkeye to use the Yautja's tech against it.

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    Beatrix Kiddo

    Photo: Kill Bill: Volume 2 / Miramax Films

    Survival Strengths: A highly trained assassin with a thirst for revenge, Beatrix Kiddo is a master of the katana and various forms of martial arts. 

    Most Impressive Feats: Kiddo shows why she's the toughest cookie in the jar throughout the Kill Bill duology, but punching her way out of a casket has to be up there with taking out an entire gang of Yakuza before slicing a woman's scalp off. Or, you know, pulling an assassin's eye out of its socket.

    How Would She Face The Yautja: Beatrix would more than likely face the Yautja in a duel of sorts. She's not to be trifled with at close range, and if she works her pressure points just right, then it's goodbye for the alien hunter.

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    Ash Williams

    Photo: Evil Dead 2 / Rosebud Releasing Corporation

    Survival Strengths: Ash Williams is like a bad penny - no matter how many times you think he's gone, he keeps coming back. A motormouth with a heart of gold, Ash dives into things headfirst and thinks about the consequences later. Oh, and he has a chainsaw for a hand. 

    Most Impressive Feats: Nothing says "will to live" like cutting your own hand off with a chainsaw after it's been infected with unspeakable evil. As cool as that is, there's nothing more impressive than inventing 20th-century ammunition while stuck in the Middle Ages.

    How Would He Face The Yautja: It's a classic cowboy scenario. The Yautja walks into S-Mart while Ash is on the floor and a no-holds-barred firefight breaks out between the two of them. Obviously, Ash isn't as technically adept as the Yautja, but wouldn't you want to see a guy with a chainsaw for a hand and a shredded alien just going at it? At the end of it, Ash would barely escape, but that's how it always goes.

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  • Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC

    Survival Strengths: A former drifter who survived by hunting his own food and staying out of sight, Daryl's skills have only sharpened during the apocalypse. He's an ace with a crossbow and has no qualms about taking out members of the undead who get a little too close for comfort.

    Most Impressive Feats: Daryl's time on The Walking Dead really is a grab bag of impressive moments, but one that shows just how well he could handle a Yautja is his would-be rescue of Beth from the hospital in Season 2. During this rescue, Daryl is perfectly attuned to everything around him. He avoids the chompy boys that have taken over downtown Atlanta, and he handles the officers at the hospital with ease. Sure, he's working with a team, but no one gets out of his sight.

    How Would He Face The Yautja: Daryl is a tracker at heart. It's most likely he and the Yautja would spend the bulk of their time feeling each other out and following one another before getting into a knockdown, drag-out fight to the finish.

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