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Current TV Characters Who Are the Most Relatable

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Are you more Nick Miller or Homer Simpson? Miranda Bailey or Sarah Manning? Vote for the most relatable current TV characters on this up-to-date list of characters from your favorite sitcoms and dramas of 2016-2017!

Comedies are a natural place to find relatable TV characters because they help us make light of life's real moments. So it's no wonder that Lena Dunham was praised for her portrayal of a modern Millennial as Hannah Horvath on HBO's Girls, or that we love watching Silicon Valley's Richard Hendrix struggle and succeed. 

Of course, some of the most relatable characters currently on TV come from dramatic series. For instance, Hawaii Five-O features the relatable Steve McGarrett and medical drama Grey's Anatomy keeps audiences grounded with a character like Miranda Bailey. When you're watching a cartoon show like The Simpsons or a supernatural zombie series like The Walking Dead, you need characters like Homer Simpson or Rick Grimes to help you feel like part of the show. 

Whether you see more of yourself in the witty and stressed out Amy Brookheimer on VEEP or the average American male like Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, vote for your favorite current television character that you relate to. Add any relatable current TV characters not on the list!

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List Rules: Vote up the current TV characters who you identify with and understand