18 Posts About Disney Princesses That Are Way Too Relatable

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When the truth hits home, the feeling is undeniable. Most often we experience these humbling moments from a friend or through powerful words spoken by historic leaders. Other times, though, some profoundly relatable truths can be found from an unlikely source-- internet memes about Disney princesses. Posts featuring these animated heroines run a range of emotions. A sly smile from Belle conjures the feeling of getting away with something and blaming it on a sibling. A passed-out Aurora reminds us of that time we had to unload a loaded friend back onto their partner. Many of the princesses-- like some of us-- fall in love when they first gaze upon the handsome face of a prince. Mulan, on the other hand, really seems to like Li Shang's back muscles. Whatever the observation, there are always going to be people who resoundingly say, "I get that."

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    That Body Tho

    That Body Tho
    Photo: Lola / Pinterest
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    All The Single Ladies

    All The Single Ladies
    Photo: VT55 / Pinterest
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    Nothing Weak About These Women

    Nothing Weak About These Women
    Photo: Angelica Ang / Pinterest
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    Watch Your Step

    Watch Your Step
    Photo: Meagan Jordan / Pinterest
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    When You're Not Looking

    When You're Not Looking
    Photo: czarnyma / Tumblr
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    Utility Over Romance

    Utility Over Romance
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