22 Relatable Life Posts From People Who Are Going Through It Right Now

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One of the best parts about being alive is knowing that no matter what we may be going through, we're not alone. People have taken to Twitter to share their most relatable experiences, and we have collected some of the best posts of the last month. Don't forget to vote up your favorite posts.

  • 1. Pro-Level Break Up Move

    Pro-Level Break Up Move
    Photo: @fesshole
    14,675 votes
  • 2. When A Good Idea Has The Potential To Be Pretty Bad

    3,672 votes
  • 3. Dating Apps Are Always Tricky

    5,937 votes
  • 4. A New York Miracle

    6,319 votes
  • 5. Someone Somewhere Is Looking For Them

    Someone Somewhere Is Looking For Them
    Photo: @Eden_Eats
    6,654 votes
  • 6. Wait Until They Find Out

    3,981 votes