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14 Pairs Of Historical Figures You Didn't Realize Were Related To Each Other

Updated September 23, 2021 218.4k views14 items

If you trace your gene pool back far enough, you'll discover that all humans are related in one form or another. But some people are more closely related than others - and it turns out that many historical figures from fancy families are related to each other. Some of these ties were unknown; other connections were well traced throughout history.

If you're looking for facts about royal families, this list is a great place to start. Royals you didn't know were related to other famous figures include King Richard III - one of his relatives was a notable writer. As for Princess Diana, one of her famous relations made a splash on the American political scene. And then there's President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. They were cousins as well as husband and wife.

Keep reading to discover more famous relatives from history. The connections you'll uncover may surprise you.