Ex's And Oh-No's: 15 Times Exes Came Back And Made Things Way More Complicated

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Love can be complicated but heartbreak can be even worse. What happens when a couple breaks up but one or both parties ultimately regrets it? Here are some times when exes came back into people's lives and all we could say was “oh no."

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    He Bought His Son A Great Gift But It Might Hurt His Wife's Feelings

    From Redditor u/Nothing_Able:

    My ex wife and I have been split up for two years and my sons birthday is 2 weeks from now and he will be having a party at her house. I ended up getting a amazing deal on a Nintendo switch with extra joycons and 5 games and a controller ($600+ in value) and I'm not sure what his mom got him but now I'm not sure it I should give it to him at the party and upstage what I imagine will be a not so epic gift. To expand upon this there was some issues at Christmas time where my daughter had made mention of wanting to come back to my house for presents that she preferred here. So now I really am debating just giving him the switch and stuff now and explaining it was just a good deal I couldn't pass and maybe getting him like a soccer ball for his birthday but I'm not sure. Thoughts? Tldr got my son a cool gift but worried his mom will feel I'm trying to upstage her because it's pretty extra.

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    He Confessed His Feelings For His FWB When She Said She Might Get Back Together With Her Ex

    From Redditor u/Ic3man_SVK:

    Last weekend after our hook-up my FWB told me that day before she agreed to get back together with her ex. I told her that, since we are really close and I consider her to be also my best friend, maybe once she will be looking for a relationship, I will be the one. I did not tell her that before because I assumed that she is not looking for one.

    I asked her for some space so I can process that and that eventually I will be fine and maybe we can be friends. It did not last even a day and she contacted me that, she wants to keep in contact with me because she feels sorry that we are not talking. Quite fast our conversation turned back into a kinda flirty way and we started talking about our previous hookups and how fun it was.

    I expressed to her that I regret confessing to her at It might ruin the friendship if we continue being just friends but she replied that she is glad that I told her that.

    After more flirting and casual talking like nothing happened I learned that she decided not to get back with her ex. I did not ask what it mean for us as it was clearly not the place or time. Is it too bold for me to assume that I played some part in her decision and that she still keeps in contact with me even after I told her that I am interested in a relationship with her? Right now we are talking like nothing happened and she even mentioned that she is sad that I did not visit her in work like I used to. We haven't talked if are gonna continue the benefit part of our relationship. I don't want to push on her but I cannot shake the feeling that there is something more. Or as usual, I'm just overthinking it.


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    Their Boyfriend Is Still Good Friends With His Ex's Parents

    From Redditor u/samanthamillion:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m forcing myself to be cool about this when I’m not. I guess I’m looking for unbiased advice as to whether this is objectively inappropriate or more of a grey area.

    My (31F) boyfriend (35M) was engaged a couple years before I met him. He didn’t call off the engagement; she did. I think it devastated him (based on family members anecdotes) but he claims that her breaking it off was “the best thing that ever happened to him.”

    He communicates with her parents weekly. One night about 6 months in to our relationship, he told me he was going out to get a haircut and I found out later he was at their place having dinner. He said it was a white lie to avoid upsetting me.

    He HAS introduced me to them many times and they love me. They explain it to me as my boyfriend being like the son they never had, and just because their daughter is a b*tch doesn’t mean they should lose the relationship they built with him.

    He has made it clear that if I have a problem with it, I can go, and he will not give up his relationship with them for anyone.

    What would you do?


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    His Wife Made His Ex Think He Cheated

    From Redditor u/Hay239:

    I grew up with my wife Georgina and my ex Reyna, since Georgina's my best friend's sister and Rena's her best friend. Rena broke up with me when I was 18 since she thought I cheated on her and also stopped hanging out with us. She cut off all contact and I was left wondering why she thought I cheated when I didn't. After that I started dating Georgina and we got married last year.

    I only found out last night that Georgina got her brother/my brother in law to steal one of my T-shirts and boxers during a school trip, so that she can wear them when Reyna came over. She told me when she got really drunk. That's why Reyna thought I cheated on her with Georgina. I don't know how to handle this since I fell for her long before finding out about what she did. Is what she did concerning or is it nothing to worry about?


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    Their Girlfriend Said Her Ex Was The Love Of Her Life

    From Redditor u/No-Prior2082:

    Edit/Update- I have decided to breakup, I dont want to be a rebound or second choice. I would rather be my own first choice and be alone rather than a second choice of a gf. Thank you to everyone for giving advice.

    She was talking to her best friend when she said this. When her friend asked if she would go back to him she replied no. But she also said that she will never love anyone else like she loved him. It doesnt make sense though. They had a very messy breakup. They were supposed to move away together and she had resigned and gave up her apartment when 3 days before moving date he broke up with her as he wanted to be alone in a new place. But now she says this about him?

    I am absolutely gutted because I thought we were very solid but now? Do I talk to her, forget about it, break up? Advice me Reddit, I beg you!

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    They Found A Letter That Their Boyfriend's Ex Wrote To Him

    From Redditor u/alieash97:

    For context my boyfriend and I have not been together for very long(only 6 months) We got together about a year after him and his then girlfriend of 2 years had broke up. When we talked about it in the beginning of the relationship he always described it as “one of those things that just dragged on too long and was over before it even ended”

    I myself have never been in a serious relationship before, only ever dating or seeing someone for a month or two at a time (commitment issues, parental traumas the usual) so it is all very new to me, my boyfriend also knows this.

    My boyfriend is a very expressive person, and talks often about the future together, an how much he loves me. I had previously already had a conversation with him in which I expressed my concerns as he had been in a relationship before in which I am sure he shared the same sentiment so how was I to believe him now(this was my own anxieties of course and I recognized that at the time as well). In this relationship i had always been the one more reserved with expressing my feelings and just in general wanting to slow things down

    To get to the point of this post he had moved in November and still had some boxes stacked up in the kitchen. Today I was cleaning and putting things away and decided to organize this colored pencil set he has which had spilled in the box(i had seen him scoop some out and so i knew the rest were in there) While digging to the bottom a saw a sticky note with some a cute little message written on it; this led me to snoop. I know that this was completely not alright and an invasion of his privacy but I could not help myself.

    What I found was over 10 letters and a few stick notes, letters addressed to every time he was going through something such as self doubt, or if they were fighting etc.

    She wrote about their love, and all the ways she loved him and their relationship and it al just sounded eerily familiar to the exact way he is with me.

    I read 2 letters, and then i stopped myself, it really felt like all the fears i had about this relationship just came true And I don’t know what to do now Should I tell him I snooped and saw the letters? Should I ignore it and let it go? Most importantly how do I move on from feeling like i am just the newest version of his passed relationship.