15 Drama-Filled Relationship Stories That Make Us Feel Like We're Watching A Soap Opera

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When all goes wrong, turn to the internet! These couples decided to ask the folks of r/relationship_advice to lend a hand in their relationships. Vote up the biggest relationship bummers below.

  • 1. 'My (22M) Spouse (23F) Has Made A New Male Best Friend And It’s Getting The Best Of Me'

    Posted on Reddit by u/philadelphia2424:

    I don’t really know where to begin. I’m at a point where I flip flop between feeling insane and totally justified. My wife has made a close opposite sex friend at work. She snapchats him constantly, FaceTimes him 3-5 times per week, goes out to coffee/lunch with him. He has made little to no effort to be friends with me. While he does go through the motions and invites me to some of their activities, it’s like I’m not even there. They have such specific banter that I don’t even feel like I could keep up with or participate in.. On the outside it appears the two of them have much more fun and in common than my wife and I. They have spent a lot of alone time together, which has at least been limited now that we decided solo movie nights are out of the question, but they still seem virtually inseparable.

    A couple things that have put me over the edge…

    My wife is laying in bed with me, and she randomly says “I miss Nate so much, I have withdrawals from all of our sh*t talking.”

    A few days later he FaceTimes her to get a ride to a work related event. He doesn’t know I’m sitting right next to her and literally starts talking to her in a baby voice. The ONLY TIME I have ever talked to someone in that way was when I was in a relationship with them.

    She also made the comment that he is one of the only things that make her life bearable.

    I’m very uncomfortable with the entire dynamic. I continue to voice my discomfort, but I know the most that will happen is a few superficial boundaries like “no movie nights alone, but still hanging out alone in every other way.” When more serious measures have been discussed, she made it clear that she doesn’t think ending the friendship is fair. She “really doesn’t want to start resenting me.”

    Hopefully just writing this out will be somewhat cathartic. I’m sure at some level I’m not being totally fair to my wife. This is just how I’m feeling

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  • 2. 'GF Implied That It’s Not Really Cheating If It’s The Same Sex'

    Posted on Reddit by u/helpmeffs191919

    So we (m20’s, f20’s) had a convo, and can’t really remember how it let to that sentence, but said that if she’d like to have sx with a female friend, she could as “that’s not really cheating, right?”.

    Obviously, i’m super confused and said what if i’d s*x with a male friend and she Said she would be totally fine with that (i’m 100% hetero btw).

    Soo, she asked me again if that wasn’t ok, and i said Well no i’m in a monogamous relationship because i expect none of us to have s*x with anyone else, period no matter what. That’s apparently super weird cause same sex is not cheating.

    I’m weirded out, any advice? Don’t really know what to say about it to her, thought i’d made a point

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  • 3. 'Husband Hates The Groceries I Buy'

    Posted on Reddit by u/groceryadvice:

    My husband and I (SAHM) are in our late 30s and have been married for a long time. I do all of the grocery shopping and have for years. He also doesn't cook. Every time I order groceries, I ask my husband what he wants and nearly every single time he tells me he doesn't know or might tell me one thing. This has gone on for years, and he often gets mad at what I buy to the point of yelling at me, and says he is tired of getting groceries with nothing for him to eat. I honestly feel bad about this because he is legitimately frustrated. From his point of view, by now I should know what to buy him. However, the types of food I can buy are fairly limited since he won't do any food prep. I know the answer from most people is going to be to let him fend for himself but I am looking for a solution that is more of a compromise.

    The big issue I am having from an emotional aspect is he doesn't understand mental load from me doing 100% of all housework, nearly all childcare, along with everything else that pops up like taxes, car stuff, scheduling appointments, etc. Having to always know exactly what he wants when he doesn't even know just adds to that mental load. Buying groceries is causing me stress at this point and every time I buy them I anticipate him getting mad at me and it's this awful feeling. And trust me, if I were to tell him about mental load he wouldn't take me seriously because he thinks his job is harder, and he would blame my sense of stress with grocery shopping on me.

    Summary: husband doesn't like the groceries I buy but won't tell me what he wants, looking for help with a compromise

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  • 4. My Girlfriend Wants A Breakup Because I Love Her Too Much'

    Posted on Reddit by u/Derekricks:

    So my girl and I have been together for four years now. We’re both 23. We met in college. Lived together for the first three years and for her final year, she has to do her internship and so has moved to another location. We’re not too far away from each other. We’re still in the same region(state).

    We’ve had a bit of rough times recently. She didn’t want be close to her and I didn’t understand why. Whenever I asked, she just said she didn’t know why. She just wanted to be alone. So I stopped going to see her for a whole month, thinking that would change things but it didn’t. We recently had another argument about the same issue and she finally tells me I love her too much that’s why. Now I’m confused. Is loving someone and doing everything to make them happy wrong?

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  • 5. 'GF Wants Me To Take Responsibility For Something I Didn't Do'

    Posted on Reddit by u/Icy_Cow_7145:

    Last night upon my (36M) girlfriends (32F) request I set our smart thermostat to 15 degrees. In the early hours of this morning she woke up too hot and checked and the temp had not gone down. When I woke up I could tell she was annoyed at me. I asked why and she accused me of not turning it down when she asked and that this was the third thing that I had not done. I explained that I was certain that I had and that I guessed it was some kind of malfunction. She was really annoyed and I asked why becuase it didn't seem like such a big deal and she said becuase she had now overslept because she hadn't slept earlier. She also said that it was wrong of me to challenge her being so annoyed.

    I have remained insistant that I am not responsible for the temp not going down. I have even been on support with the manufacturer and they confirmed a fault. But she just screamed at me that I wasn't listening to her. I cannot take responsibility for this and now she isn't talking to me. I don't know what to do.

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  • 6. I (26F) Overheard My Partner (29M) Venting About Me To A Friend'

    Posted on Reddit by u/Frequent-Use-1293:

    First off I wasn’t eavesdropping, we have a small townhouse and he was in his home office on Discord with the door wide open. I was in the bedroom with the door wide open, on the same floor only a few feet away and he was speaking at full volume. We had gotten into an argument earlier because he changes his mind a lot when going to events that makes it hard for me to plan. He will agree to something then when the time comes tell me he doesn’t want to go and also never wanted to go in the first place. I was trying to tell him that I think it’s a bad habit and he should just be upfront with people about how he’s feeling. I didn’t communicate this well and he felt like I was berating him for being flakey. We talked it out, we both apologized and moved on with the day.

    Later, I’m cleaning the house and about to go make dinner when I hear him very emotionally recounting beat for beat everything I said during that argument. Telling his friend I was berating him for being flakey and how weird it was and how I’m “the one person whose always supposed to be there for him.” I texted and told him I could hear him, expecting him to be embarrassed and close the door. He didn’t. He continued to rant about how there’s “no privacy in the house.” Which, I think a good step one for privacy is maybe closing the nearest door.

    I’ve felt like his friends opinion of me has shifted over the past 6months or so. I thought I was crazy but maybe this is why. We’ve both been trying our best but are very emotional people who are easily upset. I think of our relationship as non-toxic and we’re pretty good at problem solving. I feel like my trust was pretty heavily broken but I can’t convince him that what he did was wrong. What should I say? Do I feel justified in feeling violated?

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