15 Stories About Love That Made Us Scared For Valentine's Day

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Love is blind, but some people can see better than others. We went on r/relationshipadvice and found some people who turned to the internet to share their love struggles, hopefully getting some relationship advice along the way. Make sure to vote up the biggest love bummers and check out the subreddit to find out if everything worked out for these guys or if it just wasn't meant to be. 

  • 1. Wife Denies That She Was Ever Married

    Posted on Reddit by u/throwra_lovehelp:

    My wife (33f) and I (29m) have been married four years now, coming on five. We have generally had a good relationship and a good marriage.

    We had a reasonably expensive wedding, which we're still paying for now. I get the bill every month to prove it. My wife took charge of planning the wedding, so it was to her tastes. She seemed to enjoy it at the time and for the first few years of our marriage, she would look back at the wedding with me happily and without issues.

    In recent months I've noticed my wife's attitude to a) our wedding and b) our marriage itself shift. It began by her (I thought jokingly) referring to herself as my 'girlfriend'. She told me to buy her a 'girlfriend' card for Valentine's Day rather than a 'wife' one, for example.

    I thought she was just playing around at first. But this behaviour has only escalated. Two months ago my wife stopped wearing her wedding ring. I was understandably upset and asked her if there was something wrong. She told me everything was fine and she just 'doesn't the sensation of jewellery on her hands'. My wife has never liked rings and jewellery so this could be the case.

    But when we are with friends, my wife will get upset if I talk about her as 'my wife' rather than just a girlfriend. She will go as far to interrupt me if I'm talking/telling a story to 'correct' me on our relationship. Initially, this was something our friends laughed at, but now everybody just finds it understandably awkward.

    One of our friends was talking about their own wedding, which is scheduled for early next year. They asked for advice from my wife about how she'd planned ours and my wife responded with 'what wedding?'. When our friend continued talking about the table decorations my wife had used, my wife visibly teared up in front of the whole group and had to step outside.

    Later that evening, I asked her directly if she has a problem with our relationship or if I'm doing something wrong in our marriage. She assured me that everything is fine between us. From my perspective, outside of this issue, our relationship is as strong as ever. We are considering kids in the near future, our sex life is great, and my wife recently suggested we get matching tattoos as a renewal of our love.

    Is there advice anyone can offer on why my wife might be acting like this and what I should do?

  • 2. Spending Valentine's Day With Her Best Friend Instead

    Posted on Reddit by u/seeker7628:

    Hey! I’m 28F and my girlfriend Jade is 28F. We’ve been together for 4 years.

    Every year for Valentine’s day, Jade spends the entire day and evening with her best friend Brooke. They call it ‘Gal-entine’s Day’ and started this tradition when they were younger and single. The first year we were dating, I didn’t think anything of it because we were a fairly new couple. the second year I was a bit bummed out and told Jade that and said maybe next year we can spend it together and she said yeah maybe. The third year I asked again and she said no, it’s her and Brookes day. Now we’re coming up on our fourth Valentine’s day and I’m wondering how to handle this. Brooke has been single this entire time.

    I know most people roll their eyes at Valentine’s day, but there’s two reasons why this is important to me. Jade knows about all of this, we’ve had this conversation more than once. First, I was never allowed to celebrate any of those Holidays growing up (Halloween, Vday, Christmas, etc.), and so I really enjoy going all out celebrating Holidays now that I can. I think that Valentine’s day is a cute reminder of how much you love and appreciate your partner, and it’s special time carved out each year to be a bit cheesy with your love.

    Second, not quite as important but still relevant, we live in a small town that really hypes up those Holidays and always puts on really fun activities. They generally have a market, some games, stuff like that. The Valentines one is all set up to be very romantic and cute, and the restaurants set up the tables in twos with candles and balloons lol. Jade goes with Brooke, and I don’t go at all. I don’t want to go alone given everything is set up for couples, and my friends are all dating or married so they go with their partners.

    We’ve talked in the past about spending V-day with all 3 of us, but Jade says that ruins the idea of it being a “gal-entines” with no partners, and I also don’t really want that either. I also think I should throw in here that this has absolutely nothing to do with Brooke, I think she’s wonderful and there’s no issue there at all.

    I don’t want to break their ‘tradition’, but after waiting 4 years I would like to spend at least one Valentine’s day with my partner instead of sitting at home on the couch. Any advice on how to handle this? Am I being ridiculous/should I just drop it or is it fair of me to want this?

    edit: to all the creepy men inboxing me offering to be my valentine’s date… I didn’t think it was possible for me to be even more gay than I already am, but somehow you’ve done it!

  • 3. Is He Lying Or Just Confused?

    Posted on Reddit by u/ratatouilleismydad:

    2 months ago, my boyfriend (24m) broke up with me (23f) and said it was because he was gay and he couldn’t lie to me anymore.

    He said that he had known since he was young but didn’t come to terms with it until recently. We dated for 8 months and he gave me no indication that he was gay. I obviously was sad because I really loved him, but I wanted to support him and his discussion to come out. However, after breaking up with me, he blocked my number and he blocked me on Instagram.

    Yesterday, I was stalking him from my fake Insta account and saw that a girl tagged him in a post. It was a picture of her showing off a bracelet and the caption was something like “Valentines Day came early this year. [Ex’s name] bought me this beautiful bracelet. I love him so much”. I clicked his tag to make sure it was actually him and it was.

    I followed her account and she’s been posting stories all day with him and they even kissed in one so I’m almost 100% that he’s not gay.

    I’m devastated. Did he lie to me about being gay? If so why? Why wouldn’t he just break up with me normally? This is making me feel so awful and confused.

    Should I confront him about it?

  • 4. Girlfriend Said She Would Love Him More If He Was Taller

    Posted on Reddit by u/throwawaynoreasonn:

    It's kind of a punch in the gut tbh. I've been with her for 2 years, and I genuinely thought she was far from someone interested in things like that. We were just watching master of none, and (spoiler alert) there was a scene where the protagonist and his GF wrote down their quantified how much they're sure about staying with each other on a 100 points scale. She asked jokingly where she is on my scale and I said "definitely a 100". I didn't ask back because I think this was a pretty stupid thing to ask. She said that I'm roughly on 85 to 90 unsolicited though. Then she proceeded to tell me I'd be 180 if I was taller, she would "double-love" me if I was, quoting her, "4-5 inches taller", while beaming with imagination. Of course she realised how dumb and slightly hurtful (probably revealing?) she sounded, so she just tried to make the moment fade and it was awkward and excruciating.

    I'm 5'9 (176cm), from NYC. She hasn't really made comments about my height at all in two years, idk why all of a sudden she would just throw this at me. I was planning to propose to her and have set aside savings for her ring. But honestly I'm just not as sure now. I know it's ridiculous, it hit my self-esteem surprisingly harshly. I feel horrible.

    What do you think?

  • 5. Waiting Until After Valentine's Day To Break It Off

    Posted on Reddit by u/Techtard:

    Just real quick. I(25) love the girl(29). I am not in love with her. Only been dating for 4 months maybe. She's great. But I know it will not last. I needed some time alone, and the last week without her, I've been happiest. So Just need to know; I know Valentine's Day is a big deal with people (she doesn't care so much about it, just wants to spend it with me), but do I get it over with, so close to the big day or after. And if after, How long?

    EDIT: I broke up with her last night. Sad. We said our goodbyes. She kept telling me she was in love with me, but I mentioned that I'd rather do it now than after Vday and she appreciated that. Then asked me to stay, but couldn't. I gave her a peck on the cheek and left. The worst feeling was knowing how upset she was. I got down two flights of her stairs and in the hallway, I could hear her balling her eyes out. That was rough. But thank you everyone. I greatly appreciate your input. Thank you again.

  • 6. Canceling Valentine's Day Over Presents

    Posted on Reddit by u/parmesannnzzz:

    So basically, my bf called me up last week to say that he "surprised" me by making a reservation for us at a restaurant for dinner this valentine's. I was happy and I thanked him for taking the initiative to do that.

    Today, he called me and asked if we are gonna exchange vday presents this year, and I suggested that we shouldn't because we are both saving money for our upcoming trip and that dinner would suffice. He then got angry and said that if that's the case, he would cancel the dinner reservation he made because he feels that he's the only one "giving" this valentine's day, and since I suggested not exchanging presents, he feels that I'm not contributing anything this valentine's so he wishes to cancel the dinner.

    I gave it some thought and I personally found this very offensive because if you're gonna surprise me with something like that, u should do it from your heart and not expect something in return.

    I don't know what to think of this anymore. I sent him a text saying to go ahead with the dinner and not cancel it because I find it overboard for him to do so. He hasn't replied cos he's asleep.

    What do you guys think?

    TLDR: bf wants to cancel vday dinner because I suggested not exchanging presents