15 Newly Single People Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

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Single people: vote up the most obvious signs that it's time to end a relationship.

Ending a relationship is never easy. And sometimes it's hard to know when to let go. These people are sharing signs a relationship is ending. If you've ever wondered how to know a relationship is over, read on.

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    They Were Living On The Memories

    From Redditor u/Weasel_secks:

    When I was more infatuated with our memories than the actual relationship.

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    Intimacy Just Didn't Feel Right

    From Redditor u/ufloot:

    When the thought of being physically intimate with my partner made me feel sick. after 5 years, a lot of trouble had piled up, unsolved. I remember being intimate and realizing the sounds he made during it were ridiculous and gross (things I found attractive for 5 years, mind you).

    That's when I knew there was no turning back.

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    After The Yelling Became Regular

    From Redditor u/walkeronline:

    The defining moment that sticks out in my mind was when I was asked to walk into another room to be yelled at so her kids wouldn't wake up, followed by this sentence:

    "Seriously? You're going to be pissed off I asked you to come in here to yell at you?"

    To be entirely fair, it was over long before that in my mind, but that was the moment of clarity.

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    They Decided Out Of Nowhere That The Monogamous Life Wasn't For Them

    From Redditor u/S_stands_for_sausage:

    When he said that a monogamous life isn't for him. After moving to a different country for me and moving in together.

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    They Realized She Didn't Actually Care

    From Redditor u/PM_ME_SOMETHING_NICE:

    When I realized that the whole thing was just something I constructed in my head and that she didn't actually care.

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    She Realized He Had No Respect For Her

    From Redditor u/SerendipityHappens:

    When my husband of seven years admitted he had slept with another woman.

    I had an inkling, though, when I asked him when he was going to install a clothes dryer a family member had given us. Up to that time, I had to hang my laundry outside to dry. I wasn't great with housekeeping, and it annoyed him because his mom was a neat freak. His response was "probably never." It hit me that he had no respect for me, and that our relationship was in serious trouble.