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People Describe The Creepy Moments That Made Them Distance Themselves From Former Friends

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Ever thought you truly knew someone, only to find out you didn't know them at all? We've all been duped by seemingly well-meaning people who ended up being a total nightmare. We might sometimes have a small feeling that something is "off" about a person, but it's still jarring when they go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. 

Redditors shared their true stories of times when they suddenly looked at a person much differently. Like when friends do terrible things, these discoveries ended life-long friendships and blossoming platonic relationships. From tales of betrayal to accounts of manipulative behavior, these stories reveal that not all friendships last forever. 

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    Other People’s Misfortune Made Her Day

     From Redditor /u/EmberVayne:

    She loved misery. I was driving her to work (she lived on my couch) and she was sobbing hysterically in the passenger seat. She really hated her job and was an unbalanced person. We come across a horrible wreck, tears dry up instantly and she gets this huge smile. I’ve never seen her so happy.

    I ask what caused the sudden change and she starts laughing like a lunatic, side-splitting giggles. She says that it looks like there were some fatalities due to the wreck and seeing it just made her day.

    I was pretty disgusted/creeped out. She was absolutely chipper for the next two days.

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    From Redditor /u/2ndlawofthermo:

    Didn't want to be around this person who was just bad energy so I created distance. One day she walks into my workspace and pulls her blouse to one side and exposes what looks like a tic-tac-toe looking grid she has cut onto her chest. She screamed: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO BE FRIENDS ANYMORE!

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    Groundhog Joke

    From Redditor /u/BiscuitInFlight:

    Classmate gave me a ride home once because my car was in the shop. She tells a joke and it's pretty funny, so we laugh about it for a good 5 minutes. Then she keeps telling the same joke for the next 15.

    Lo and behold, there's a 15-mile traffic jam on the way back. So here we are stuck, between 0 and 5 mph for the better part of 2 hours, while she's STILL TELLING THE SAME JOKE. So I pretend to fall asleep, and kinda tune out into my own world behind closed eyes. But she is trying her damndest to shake me awake, because she's not done dragging that joke through hell and back. Sorry, but I'm committed to the role at this point.

    Tossing slightly, occasional light snore here and there. For all looks and intent, I'm out. She eventually pulls up to my place and I decide to finally let her "wake me up," so I pretend to groggily pull myself together. Classmate goes "if you don't wake up, I'm going to light this on fire and poke you."

    I'm not paying attention until I [hear] the flint of a lighter being struck. Looking to my left, this girl is holding a plastic spork up in front of her like the OLYMPIC TORCH. I don't know what chemicals are in this thing, but the flame is freaking blue and I'm staring at it in disbelief thinking there's no way she's gonna stab me with that, right? Right?

    WRONG. Next thing I know, she's [sticking] the pointy end into my forearm, fire and all. My brain processes this for a good second before I yell "WHAT THE F*CK," rip the now congealing plastic out of my arm and stomp out of the car.

    She texts me with an apology, saying she didn't know what came over her and I politely etch-a-sketch her from my brain. So yeah, one of many silly stories permanently etched into my arms.

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    They Called Him 'Creepy Larry'

    From Redditor /u/cornpee:

    Creepy Larry (not his name). Holy sh*t.

    My friend was dating this guy who had a pretty weird background. Parents did cult-y things, no one really knew where he came from, etc. I've never seen the warning signs of a serial killer so clearly exhibited. The dude would find half-dead roadkill, finish them off, and then hoist their bodies from trees until the flesh was gone so he could turn their bones into jewelry.

    I only met him once, and I'm not especially good at reading people, but I'm not an idiot. The dude made all the hair on my neck stand up. He had a really flat affect and didn't really seem to understand how to interact with anyone. Just sat in the middle of a party silently drawing a picture. I think it was some sort of face, but the features were all wrong and distorted.

    At one point in the party he brought out wooden LARPing swords and hit a kid so hard he passed out, and then didn't tell anyone what happened. Just left him there on the ground and went back to the party to keep fighting with people. He's not with my friend anymore but works at my local grocery store and has the coldest stare I've ever seen.

    F*ck Creepy Larry dude.

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