15 Movies Where The Relationship Gaslighting Is The Real Horror

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The scariest movies do more than showcase a handful of jump scares and creepy little girls and call it a night. They know that the truest, deepest terror is often found in toxic relationships and gaslighting horror. A couple in a horror movie united against the zombies, ghosts, or whatever can survive almost anything, but when one or more people attempt to convince the other that what they’re experiencing isn’t real, or that they’re insane or emotionally unstable, things quickly fall apart.

Modern examples include Midsommar's abusive relationship and the toxic masculinity featured in The Invisible Man, but this trope has been around much longer than audiences might realize. These horror films may deal with external, possibly supernatural forces, but they’re really about women struggling to maintain their identity amidst gaslighting - that is, being intentionally manipulated to believe they’re insane.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the scariest films where the true horror stems not from some possessed spirit but from psychological torment brought on by those closest to the main character.