Red Flags That Mean Your Boyfriend Will Be a Dud in a Year

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Is your dude always talking about himself? Or does he humblebrag about his former conquests, like he doesn't have a clue how that might make you feel? Stuff like this can sometimes be innocent - naive, perhaps - but these behaviors could also be relationship red flags. If you're dating a guy and you're trying to figure out how to know he is the one, watch out for the dating red flags below. They might just mean you're dude's gonna turn out a dud after you two settle into a relationship together. 

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    Never following through on things, then making excuses about why

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    Being selfish and always putting his needs first

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    The seeming, constant inability to be thoughtful or attentive

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    Being seemingly incapable of empathy

  • 5

    Being unable to admit it when he's wrong

  • 6

    Being Secretive and Deceitful.

  • 7

    Showing more interest in his phone than you

  • 8

    Constantly shifting the focus away from you - and to himself

  • 9

    Being rude, condescending, or excessivly teasing

  • 10

    Dropping weird, vague hints instead of communicating clearly, like a normal person

  • 11

    Using rationalizations like "I'm just being honest" to justify hurting your feelings

  • 12

    Constantly complaining and having an overly pessimistic outlook on life

  • 13

    Expecting you to always clean up after him

  • 14

    Being laid back to the point that he has no ambitions at all

  • 15

    Being unable to listen without constantly interrupting

  • 16

    Drinking a lot or using all the time

  • 17

    Being too controlling, jealous, or clingy

  • 18

    Putting You Down Publicly and Privately:

  • 19

    Dropping hints and humblebragging about his "player" lifestyle or excessively promiscuous past

  • 20

    Making sexist, racist, or homophobic comments

  • 21

    Not being able to keep himself and/or his environment reasonably clean

  • 22

    Being excessively sarcastic or having major trouble being sincere

  • 23

    Constantly expecting you to pick up the bill

  • 24

    Being a total push-over and/or incapable of making his own decisions

  • 25

    Not Including You or Not Inviting You When He Goes Somewhere