Unspeakable Times

Relatives Of Murderers Run Through Red Flags

When someone commits a murder, your thoughts typically turn to the perpetrator and the victim, not the murderer's family members. Yet often relatives of murderers notice red flags before the incident ever occurs, and are left wondering if they could have acted sooner. Due to familial loyalty or maybe unconditional love, people may choose to ignore signs their family member is a killer. Around their families, a serial killer can appear normal, thereby negating any red flags their relatives may notice about them. If their facade comes crashing down, some murderers kill their family members out of spite or a mental break.

Sharing warning sings of murderous family members isn't exactly easy to do, but Reddit gives relatives the chance to tell their tales anonymously. As these relatives of murderers run through red flags, you'll find some of these cases include twist endings you never saw coming. But at the heart of it all, most of these relatives never quite foresaw these scenarios either.