Nice Relaxing TV Shows For 2021

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Vote up the chillest television series airing new episodes during the 2021 calendar year that are the most relaxing and calming after a stressful day.

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Relaxing and uplifting TV shows are a key part of any watchlist. As great as true crime and tense horror can be, sometimes a body just wants to chill out and know that, at the end of an episode, things will be okay. These relaxing TV shows of 2021 were like a warm hot bubble bath after a very, very long year. They're nice shows, gentle shows to feel good and just chill out.

It may be a little uncertain which renewed shows would for sure have new episodes this year but, between new shows and renewals, there were plenty of relaxing shows in 2021. For the gentle laughs and genuine friendships, there's Ted Lasso, Grace and Frankie, and Sweet Magnolias. When Calls the Heart and All Things Great And Small offered historical dramas without the drama, while shows like Craftopia, Lego Masters, and GBBO brought relaxation to reality series. And if you need a little help finding the calm, Headspace Guide to Meditation teaches the basics of meditation with cute animation.

Put your feet up and take it easy with these relaxing shows. Which relaxing shows 2021 were your favorites? Vote up the current TV series that were absolutely perfect after a stressful day. And, if you're still feeling the need for heartwarming goodness, check out the most wholesome shows to stream on Netflix.