The Best Religious Broadcasting TV Shows

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The best religious TV shows focus on sharing news and scholarship about religious faith. The best gospel and church TV shows ever are an important part of many people’s day or week, and many of the shows have been on air for a long time. If you’ve been looking for the best theological shows on religious networks to add some faith to your TV nights, this list of the best religious TV series of all time will help you figure out what needs to go into your queue.

The really good religious broadcasting shows tend to be newsmagazines or talk shows, though some have documentary styled segments. Although you may hear "what is the best religious show?" and think The 700 Club or Tomorrow's World, but ot all religious TV shows are Christian TV shows, other series focus on religions such as Judaism or Buddhism. Some series, such as This Week In Religion, give equal time to various faiths.

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  • In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
    123 votes
    • Premiered: 1990
  • Tomorrow’s World

    Tomorrow’s World

    Judith Hann, Michael Rodd
    135 votes
    • Premiered: 1965
  • Beyond Today

    Beyond Today

    Darris McNeely, Steve Myers, Gary Petty
    85 votes
    • Premiered: 2005
  • Itanong mo kay Soriano
    Bro. Eli Soriano
    40 votes
    • Premiered: 1993