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13 Times Religious Figures Showed Up in Anime As Amazing Characters

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While religious figures in anime aren't exactly common, they have shown up in some truly strange places. You might expect to see figures from Shintoism and Buddhism, the two most popular religions in Japan. However, what you might not expect is the Buddha to be roommates with Anime Jesus in a modern Tokyo apartment, as is the case in Saint Young Menor to see Moses parting the Red Sea with a BeybladeYes, that's an actual thing.

These are far from the only weird times religious figures were in anime. Prophets, messiahs, and gods appear in a myriad of shows. Keep in mind that not all of these portrayals are respectful, accurate representations of the faith that they reference. In some cases, they may even be offensive. Read on below to discover all the strange times that religious figures showed up in anime and vote up the most awesome examples. 

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