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Touching Tributes to David Bowie That'll Make You Tear Up

On January 10, 2016, musical legend David Bowie passed away due to liver cancer. The rock idol paved the way for so many creative people, and introduced so many to gender fluidity, glam, and buckets of glitter - it's no wonder that his passing was felt the world over and tributes to David Bowie took the Internet by storm. Whether you grew up listening to David Bowie or you're a young person who is just now discovering him, he made a safe place for kids who felt like they didn't have one; if you ever felt like a misfit or a weirdo, there's a David Bowie song just for you. Besides that, he celebrated the joy of being yourself and pushing the limits of boundaries set by gender and society. His contributions to the way we perceive these things are as important as his gifts to music as a whole. 

Check out this list of celebrities honoring Bowie's memory with tweets and posts - sharing memories, photos, or simply saying "thank you." The world is significantly less sparkly in Bowie's absence, but he's made it a better place just by being himself. If you haven't heard much Bowie music, you're in for an extraordinary treat. Is there life on Mars? Now there sure is. RIP, Star Dad.
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    Eddie Izzard Wanted Bowie on Every Radio Station

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    Iggy Pop Said He Was "The Best There Is"

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    Ricky Gervais Called Him a Hero

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    J. K. Rowling Posted Some "Lazarus" Lyrics

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