Angela Anaconda: The Bizarre Fever Dream Of A Kids Show That Included Bizarre Fever Dreams

There are a lot of weird '90s kids shows from yesteryear. The forgotten animated shows that have likely slipped from your memory for one reason or another. One such weird show is Angela Anaconda, a blast from the past that your mind may have erased because let's face it, it was creepy as hell. Angela Anaconda was, in many ways, a pretty ho-hum tale of an eight-year-old girl experiencing eight-year-old struggles. However, many elements of the show made it anything but ordinary.

The most unnerving factor of the show was its strange animation style, which was unlike anything on TV, and remains pretty unique to this day. This so-called kids' show was part of a Nickelodeon sketch show called KaBlam! and it included other bizarre traits such as offensive stereotypes and near nudity. KaBlam! kids shows have likely lain dormant in that part of your brain trying so hard to forget the nightmares of your past. But if you care to explore, here's everything you don't remember about the weird show Angela Anaconda.

  • The Show Revolves Around Angela And Her Arch-Nemesis... And They Are Eight-Year-Olds

    There's nothing particularly unique about the premise of Angela Anaconda. Angela is an eight-year-old (although she seems older) in Tapwater Springs, who is pretty much obsessed with the girl she views as her social rival, Nanette Manoir. She's so obsessed, in fact, that the show's opening theme song repeatedly mentions Nanette, who Angela calls a "Ninny Poo." The intro actually ends with Angela telling the audience that the show is about her and not Nanette. At least Angela gets right to the point of her self-contained show's premise, as dark as her strange vendetta is.

  • Every Episode Features A Dream Sequence That Often Depicts The Antagonist In A Borderline Violent Situation

    Angela Anaconda has a wildly overactive imagination. And a violent one. In one of Angela's fantasies, Nanette falls down a hill until she lands in the filthy waters of the "municipal sludge treatment plant" where she apparently drowns. In another fever dream, Angela essentially murders Nanette. She forces Nanette to sink through ice into piranha-infested waters - don't worry about the contradiction inherent in that scenario - where she freezes into an iceberg. She then floats out to sea before being confiscated by "Eskimo babies" who build an igloo out of her frozen form. That's just one example of Angela's frequently messed up fantasies. 

  • Angela Imagines Two Of Her Teachers Kissing In The Nude

    In the same episode where Angela daydreams her rival Nanette freezing to death in icy waters, she also envisions two of her teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Brinks, as exhibitionists. There's a crazy scene in which the married teachers ice skate up to one another with most of their bodies obscured by a bench (although much of Mrs. Brinks's bust is visible) and kiss. It is obviously quite jarring to see in a kids' show.

    There's more obsession with nudity in this episode, as Mr. Brinks at one point tells Nanette her skating skills are the "bee's naked knees." There's many things wrong with such a phrase, but the strangest is that this grown man has a soft voice and sounds imminently creepy when he says this to an eight-year-old.

    Oh, and another hallucination depicts Nanette prepping to literally kiss Mrs. Brinks' a**. That's probably all that needs to be said about that.

  • The Animation Used Was Like Watching Cut Up Photographs Interact With Each Other

    The show used what's called "cutout animation," a similar style used in South Park. It was much creepier in Angela Anaconda because the characters retain colorful CGI bodies while their faces are essentially black and white photographs. A program called "Avid Elastic Reality" was used to achieve the style and interestingly that same program was discontinued the year Angela Anaconda debuted. In addition to black and white faces, the characters had black and white limbs to match. The entire effect was one of aliens with long, gangly limbs and lifeless, grey skin.

    The strange combination of black and white with some color made the whole aesthetic of the show that much more surreal and weird. 

  • 'Mean Girls' And 'Angela Anaconda' Are So Similar It's Uncanny

    Though there doesn't seem to be any common denominator between the two, Tina Fey's hit movie Mean Girls has a striking amount of similarities to Angela Anaconda. There are so many parallels between the show and the movie that Buzzfeed did a list highlighting them all, and the evidence is noteworthy. Most convincing is the similarities between the two protagonists, who are both painted as ostensible outsiders. Both have unique friends, experience fantasies so strong they border on hallucination, and are capable of dishing out as much cattiness as they receive. Plus, they're redheads. So it's pretty much the same. 

  • Considering She's Not The Star Of The Show, Nanette Sure Is The Center Of Attention

    Nanette receives quite a bit of attention from the characters in Angela Anaconda.  Mr. Brinks gives her some strange compliments while skating, but Mrs. Brinks also seems a bit too fond of her. The crotchety teacher treats all of her students with disdain, except for Nanette on whom she constantly heaps praise and adoration. Even though Nanette is a loathsome character - a suck-up who treats others like garbage - all of the adults lavish her with praise. At one point Nanette asks her gardener, Alfredo, to sweep the snow in her path more quickly so she can get somewhere. Just one example of her snobbish behavior.

    Be it Angela's hatred of Nanette or their teacher's inexplicable adoration of her, the show somewhat inadvertently revolves around her.