16 Employees Share Their Bone-Chilling Stories From Working In Remote Places, And We Are Creeped Out

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When we think of creepy stories we rarely think of stories from work. Fortunately, the world is full of people willing to share thier creepy stories from their palces of work. Redditor u/shafaatkhan007 asked, "Redditors who work at remote places like forest officers, oil rig workers, etc, what creepy things have you noticed while at work?" and the internet delivered with their creepy answers. Vote up the creepy stories from on-the-job.


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    Field Geologist - Finds Something On A Large Pole, Middle Of Nowhere

    From Redditor u/thealbinorhino504:

    I was a field geologist in the Outback about 12 hours north of Adelaide. One day I was driving the truck and saw what looked like a flagpole sticking up in the middle of nowhere. I wasn't anywhere near a farm or anywhere else that people would be, so I decided to drive over and check it out. It was a dead dog fully impaled on a spike. Like, from butt to mouth. Took some pictures and had my boss call the cops, but for the rest of the assignment I was freaked out that some maniac was out there with me.

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    Delivery Driver - Remote Delivery To Trailer Park

    From Redditor u/Snow_Cabbage:

    I used to be a delivery driver, which doesn’t sound very remote because it isn’t. However, I did have to deliver to some pretty remote places. One time I delivered to a trailer park just barely inside our designated “delivery zone” and it was very dark and poorly lit. I leave my car running and keep the headlights and inside lights on to go deliver the pizza. Upon returning to my car, I sit down in the drivers seat and look up to see a creepy old man standing less than 3 feet from my side of the car. He was just staring. It was the equivalent of a jump-scare. I just started driving forward, had to do a u-turn to get out of the park. When I turned around the man was standing in the middle of the road, so I freaked out for a second before speeding around him only to watch him attempt to chase my car out of the trailer park. I put in my two weeks after that.

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    Remote Grocery Store Worker - Mumbling Man Wearing Overalls Covered In Dirt

    From Redditor u/Juicebox-fresh:

    I worked in a store once in a really small town that was always absolutely dead, a customer every hour or so, shifts all alone too which I'm sure wasn't even legal but hey.

    Anyway it's a dark evening and I'm sat on reddit as usual when I hear the door open. I look up and see the back of a man as he begins walking down the first aisle towards the tin foods and he appears to be talking to someone on the phone, I think nothing of it and go back to reddit. All of a sudden I get this intense smell of soil and earth, I look up and the mans approaching the counter and he's wearing some kind of overalls and his face and long grey hair and body is just covered in dirt. That's when I notice he isn't on the phone at all and is just talking to himself in this absolutely bizarre tone, he sounded like a cartoon elf or something, he's just sort of murmuring and doing this really weird hehee sort of laugh.

    I'm just frozen solid, as he's stood at the counter in front of me thinking I'm about to be killed when a policeman storms through the door, he asks if I'm ok to which I don't respond because i'm just in a complete state of what the f*ck is happening, tells the man to come outside to which he starts murmuring giberish and saying the words legal over and over again. They come grab the man and put him in the back of the police car and that's the last I ever heard of it, I have no idea who he was, what was going on, but I have never been so afraid of another person before, you know when you just sense a bad bad situation. So grateful the police showed up when they did.

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    Agriculture Field Work - Movements In The Middle Of A Corn Field

    From Redditor u/riarum:

    I used to do agricultural work, alone in a field for 10 hrs a day kinda thing. The pure amount of times I heard the sound of running & snapped up to see literally nothing there was horrific. I was convinced it was surely animals between the trees for a while, but the weirdest moment was when I heard it loudly from a row of trees next to me & immediately ducked under to see the feet of whatever animal was running by, and there was absolutely nothing.

    I remember trying to stay calm and walking really fast to the toilet block and sitting in there for a good long while before I came back. I never thought I'd be so freaked out in the day time but there wasn't a soul nearby for quite a way, & it really amped up my imagination.