True crime 17 Women Were Killed In This Twisted Murder House, But You Can Still Live In It Today  

Rebecca High

Maury Travis was a severely disturbed serial killer who murdered 17 women in his house before killing himself in 2002. This video gives you a chilling glimpse into his crimes.

In the late '90s and early 2000s, Travis would hire prostitutes and bring them to his home in Ferguson, Missouri. He would then trap and torture them in tiny cells before hanging them from the rafters or snapping their necks.

His mother Sandra still owns the house and rents it to locals without disclosing its sordid past, which really makes you think twice about your own rental history. What secrets from the past does your own apartment hide?

Watch this video for more details about the horrifying serial killer and his bland, ordinary-looking home. There are definitely ghosts living in this house, and it's all yours if you want to rent it.