Companies You Had No Idea Were Republican

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Vote up the most surprising Republican companies.

Just like most people, major Corporations tend to swing one way or another politically. Whether it's a Republican CEO, influential Republican stock holders, or the people that heavily endorse the product, what goes on behind the scenes is often a lot more politically charged than you'd imagine. But who are the most surprising Republican corporations out there? We've created a list of big companies with political agendas that lean to the right. 

Sometimes a company's allegiance will surprise you. Just because a company isn't publicly Republican doesn't mean they aren't incentivized by Republican beliefs - you don't realize all of the politics behind that simple burger joint or late night taco stop. Some companies you would expect to be GOP inclined (you'll notice there are no oil companies or national banks on this list), but these are the surprises; the places you had no idea were politically affiliated.

These are the companies you didn't realize had strong Republican leanings. Vote up the one that surprised you most!