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Republican Candidates Who Could Actually Win the General Election

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Could Trump win the general election? What about Ben Carson? Or Marco Rubio? Which Republican candidate actually has the best chance to win the election in 2016? First, they need to emerge out of a crowded field that's so big it can't fit on one stage. Then they'd have to rally the GOP base around them. Only then will a Republican who could win the election emerge.

Many of the Republican candidates in the 2016 election are polling so poorly that they only show up on poll results with an asterisk. Others are getting only one or two percent of the projected vote. If these candidates are barely alive in their party's primary election, can they win the general election if nominated?

Here's your chance to pick the Republican candidates for the 2016 election who could potentially be victorious. Vote up the Republicans with the best chance to win, and vote down those who would have little to no chance against their Democratic opposition.