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Researchers Claim Octopuses Are Alien Life Forms

Updated 18 Jun 2019 293.8k views12 items

Octopuses look pretty weird, even alien at times, but is it possible they really are from out of this world? Some researchers think so. Based on octopuses' DNA, fossil records, and even their bizarre appearance, some scientists believe the creatures might be aliens. These researchers have published a paper in a reputable journal, explaining how it makes sense that octopuses, or their ancestors, came to Earth aboard a meteor and have stuck around since.

Other scientists say the notion is ludicrous, based on nothing but wishful thinking. They've also called out the original researchers of the theory for lack of proper authority on the subject. 

So are octopuses aliens? While it may seem unlikely, the researchers' theories, even without concrete evidence, do support the idea. At least no one will be surprised if octopuses begin a worldwide incursion any time soon.

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