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The Funniest 'Resident Evil 3' Mods We've Seen So Far

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The reviews for Capcom's survival horror epic are in, and the latest Resident Evil 3 Remake is as terrifying and awesome as ever. But while all of those classic scenes have been reimagined and recreated in stunning high-res detail, some gamers have started taking to the web to post their own original tweaks and customizations. From the hilarious to the down-right creepy, we've rounded up some of the best and funniest Resident Evil 3 mods that have come out so far. 

Most of these mods (and a whole lot more) can be found on NexusMods, and though they only work for the PC version, they're fairly easy to use. They definitely help add a little flair to your adventure, especially if you're not satisfied with simply exploring Raccoon City as generic Jill and Carlos. Ever wondered how Nemesis would look in a speedo? Maybe you'd rather fight Pennywise instead. And are those zombies not scary enough for ya? How about making every single enemy a licker? 

Whether you're still strolling around the free demo or are currently making your way through the full game, vote up all the funniest Resident Evil 3 mods so far.


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    Nemesis The Tank Engine

    Video: YouTube

    Created by: ZombieAli and Crazy Potato

    A mod that turns Nemesis into a giant Thomas the Tank. Wait, is that even creepier?

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    Jill As A Giant Ham Sandwich

    Video: YouTube

    Created by: themimegogo

    Because who wouldn't want to play as a ... giant ham sandwich...

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    The Ol' Derpface Mod (Demo Only)

    Video: YouTube

    Created by: Fluffyquack

    Think Jill and Carlos are a little too serious? Here's what happens when they let lose.

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    When 'Animal Crossing' Meets 'Resident Evil'

    Video: YouTube

    Created byCrazy Potato

    Love Resident Evil? Love Animal Crossing? Why not combine the two?

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