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"Resident Evil: Retribution 3D" movie quotes bring the fifth installment of films of the science-fiction video game franchise to life. This action thriller brings revenge on the Umbrella Corporation and their army of zombies as Alice, portrayed by Milla Jovovich, avenges those who stole her life. This latest "Resident Evil" movie was written, produced and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, his third film in the series.

In "Resident Evil: Retribution," we meet Alice in a quiet suburban life complete with a loving husband and daughter. Life is good, at least until one sunny morning their home is taken over by zombies. Alice's world then turns on its head and Alice soon learns that the world she knew is simply an illusion programmed into her memories. Finally enlightened to the actual reality, Alice remembers that she once worked for the Umbrella Corporation, testing the T-virus and becoming immune to it in the process.

But when Umbrella uses that virus to infect the citizens of Earth, the move goes horribly wrong. First everyone dies, then they return as the undead. Alice knows that she is the only one who can fight this company and their army of zombies, getting her retribution in the process. Sienna Guillory, Li Bingbing, Michelle Rodriguez, Johann Urb, Kevin Durand and Oded Fehr co-star in the action thriller.

Humanity's Last Stand
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Albert: "We've taken over New York, Moscow, Toyko. This is humanity's last stand, the beginning of the end."

Albert shares exactly how far the Umbrella Corporation's reach is, which is no less than the entire planet earth. World domination is the plan, but Alice is determined to stop it.
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Retribution is Here
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Alice: "For years I've been at war with the Umbrella corporation and now they're more powerful than ever. My name is Alice and this is my story. I used to work for Umbrella and they developed a new virus. There was an outbreak. Everybody died. Trouble was, they didn't stay dead. I was the only one immune to the T virus. When the virus began to spread, Umbrella eradicated Raccoon City, my home. I tried to escape but I was captured and experimented on. I became different, powerful, unstoppable. As I got stronger, the human race became weaker. Umbrella used my DNA to develop an army of clones. Big mistake. I thought the virus killed everyone but I found other survivors. We went in search of a safe haven called Arcadia. Turns out it was a trap. The fight continued and the war was only beginning. Everyone I've ever known, everything I've ever done, it's being used against me and now Umbrella can manipulate the world. And only I can stop them. My name is Alice and retribution is here."

Giving a quick overview of the backstory leading up to this chapter in the film series, Alice explains her connection to the Umbrella Corporation and exactly why she needs to overtake them.
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This is My World
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Narrator: "Technology is changing our world."
John: "My name is John and this is my world."
Narrator: "Making what was once impossible..."
Anna: "My name is Anna and this is my world."
Narrator: "Possible"
Umiko: "My name is Umiko and this is my world."
Narrator: "With technology advancing so rapidly today..."
Fang: "My name is Fang and this is my world."
Narrator: Imagine what our world will look like... tomorrow."

As the narrator explains, technology can do wonderful things and is constantly evolving. Today we have smart phones. Tomorrow we might have the technology to completely control the world and everyone in it. Scary, ain't it?
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Rise and Shine
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Carlos: "Come on, babe, rise and shine. Let's get that beautiful ass out of bed."
Alice: [To Becky] "You want cereal?" [to Carlos] "Watch it, tiger."
Becky: "Please get a room!"
Carlos: "Sorry"

It seems like a normal morning of waking up, cereal for breakfast and some early day flirting. That is until zombies invade the house in masses.
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