Weird Nature Scorched Earth: Resident Shows How Bad The Creek Fire Destruction Really Is  

Mick Jacobs

After a wildfire tore through Kagel Canyon near Los Angeles, a local resident took a video showing the aftermath of the conflagration. As he points out, the only thing saved "is the neighborhood."

Surrounding the neighborhood are large swatches of scorched earth, revealing what a dire situation the town faced when the fire still blazed. "We were surrounded by a ring of fire. Every one of these ridges went up in flames," says the filmer. 

Thanks to the efforts of firefighters however, most nearby homes managed to survive the blaze. "Can't thank these firemen enough. The battle they must have thought with their backs up against this neighbourhood."

Now, residents like this filmmaker must set about restoring the surrounding lands the best they can. Watch the video below to see just how destructive these wildfires can be, and how lucky people are to survive them.