Scandals How Would You Respond If A Public Figure You Support Shared Something Offensive On Social Media?  

Ryan Carlquist
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In the modern sociopolitical climate, people have become vigilant about holding public figures accountable for their words and actions - both those from the past and the present. Everyone has a publicly lauded individual they look up to - be it an actor, athlete, or musician - someone whose work resonates with them on a personal level. And while it's never a good idea to idolize another person, having someone to look up to is important. The question is, what do you do if this celebrity you've since admired is revealed to have made comments or shared posts on social media that are insensitive - or downright offensive?

Of course, there are a million variables to consider when reacting to a particularly offensive remark made by a cherished public figure. Is the best course of action to consider the events surrounding the remark (how old the person was, what their upbringing was, how much time has since passed), or is it better to contemplate whether this person is remorseful for their comments and has worked to better themselves? Does any of that matter when considering the impact such a statement can have on those it targeted?

Vote up the responses you think you'd have toward a situation like this, and vote down the reactions you'd likely avoid.

27 2
I'd consider what it is they actually said.

26 5
I'd consider the time period and context of the activity, and use those factors to decide on how I react.

18 7
I'd consider the age at which the person made the post.

16 6
I'd consider whether it was a joke or not.

14 5
If I found their apology acceptable, I'd continue to support them.

17 8
If I didn't find their apology acceptable, I would stop supporting them.

12 8
I'd continue to patronize their projects.

11 10
It wouldn't affect my behavior, I separate their personal life from their career.

8 7
I’d forgive them because the past is the past.

8 9
I wouldn't want them to lose their job, but I'd still judge them negatively.

7 10
I'd continue supporting their work, but I'd feel weird about it.

5 9
I’d consider their upbringing/family background.

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3 10
I'd take to social media to support the figure.

3 10
I'd want them to lose their job.

4 12
I wouldn't forgive them - if they did it once, they'll do it again.

3 11
I'd lose all respect for them and there is nothing they could do to change my mind.

2 10
I'd take the victim or community's side, and do whatever that person or community has called for people to do.

2 11
I'd take to social media to denounce the figure.

2 13
I'd wait and see what their co-stars or friends say on the issue.

1 12
I wouldn't know how to feel or what to do.

0 11
I'd seek counsel from a religious leader and adopt their opinion.

0 12
I would get the opinion from someone in the group affected by the accusation and adopt the same one.