Your Favorite Movie Star Has Been Accused, How Does It Change Your Behavior?  

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The Me Too movement was named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2017 – and for good reason: in the wake of sexual assault allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein in October 2017, a global cascade of women speaking out from all industries against pervasive cultures of sexual harassment and assault by powerful men began to take shape. Though this has meant a reckoning not just in Hollywood, the name recognition and star status of some of the Hollywood actors who've been accused of assault means that they're often the subject of headlines, internet reactions, and extended water cooler discussions.

In part, these discussions center on how the average movie viewer can best respond to the potential that an actor they hold in high esteem might have committed dubious actions behind the scenes of the film. What do you do when a beloved actor has been accused of sexual assault? Is there a best response? Or a series of them?

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I'd consider the time period and context of the accusation and use those factors to decide on my support.
If the accusation isn't corroborated, I'd continue to support them.
I'd continue to watch and patronize their movies because the other people involved in the projects still deserve to be supported.
If the accusation is corroborated, I'd stop supporting them.
If I didn't find their apology acceptable, I'd stop supporting them.
If I found their apology acceptable, I'd continue to support them.
It wouldn't affect my behavior; I separate their personal life from their art.
I'd support them until they were convicted, at which time I'd stop supporting them.
I wouldn't know how to feel or what to do.
I'd continue to watch their older movies but wouldn't financially support any new projects.
I'd continue watching their work, but I'd feel weird about it.
I'd take the victim's side and do whatever that person has asked to happen.
I would get the opinion from someone in the group affected by the accusation and form the same one.
I'd take to social media to condemn the figure and encourage boycotts of their work.
I'd still watch their movies but donate to causes and organizations for victims of assault.
I'd purge all of their works from my house and stop supporting them entirely.
I'd ban my children from watching their movies.
I'd stop supporting the accused and every person who comes out in support of them.
I'd take to social media to support the figure.
I'd take the side of those closest to the accused and do whatever they've asked to happen.
I'd seek counsel from a religious leader and take their opinion.
If it would damage my community to believe the accusations, I would continue supporting them.