Restaurant Chains with the Best Drinks

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Chain restaurants with great cocktails, beer, and/or wine lists

List of the restaurant chains with the best drinks, as ranked by food critics and restaurant enthusiasts. At the end of the day, there’soften nothing better in the world than an alcoholic drink to unwind the stress of a long, tough week. Whether you’re meeting up with a bunch of girlfriends for fruity cocktails or interested in a cold beer while watching a football game, the restaurants on this list can facilitate your de-stressing needs. This list answers the question “What are the best restaurant chains to have a drink?” with businesses that offer wine, cocktails, beer, and whatever other drinks you may fancy.

Some restaurants like BJ’s also serve as breweries and therefore make their own brand of one-of-a-kind drinks. Other restaurants, such as P. F. Chang’s and The Melting Pot, specialize in unique cocktails and high-end, stiff drinks. The steakhouses on this list have full bars with professional bartenders where you can get any type of drink that you can imagine.

This list is filled with restaurants that have amazing food along with the best drinks on the market. Whether you just need to relax after a hard day at work or want to have a fun night with your friends, the restaurants on this list are sure to offer a good time. 

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