Restaurant Employees Are Sharing Their Wildest Customer Stories

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Calling all restaurant employees who have had to deal with some odd requests while on the job - Redditor u/frickafreshhh asked, "[What's] the most absurd thing you've had a guest do/say?" and the internet had some interesting responses.

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    Change The Weather

    From Redditor u/chefrikrock:

    I worked room service at a hotel on the water in San Diego. Very upscale and we provided excellent service. Had a woman order breakfast and then start to complain that she had not seen the sun the whole time she had been at our hotel. (June in CA no surprise.) She then proceeded to ask how I planned to fix it. "Ma'am if I could fix the weather I wouldn't be working here, but I am happy to include a bloody mary to drown your sorrows" she did not understand, and honestly thought I could fix it. Once she realized I couldn't she started asking us to comp her room... due to the weather not being to her liking.

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    When You Solve Your Own Problem

    From Redditor u/Qweritiop:

    Lady asked for her salad with the dressing on the side. After taking a few bites, she went up to the GM and said "This salad tastes quite bland. Could this be because I haven't put in the dressing?"

    Yes. Yes, it could be.

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    Makes No Sense

    From Redditor u/confused_connection:

    A customer sent back a dozen wings because "these wings are too big. There's too much meat on these wings". During the same shift, a guy sent his ribs back for being too tough. He demonstrated their toughness by showing me that he couldn't cut through them. He has been trying to cut them longways, through the bone.

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    This Employee Has Been Through It All

    From Redditor u/Thommeson:

    A girl leaned over the bar and started pouring beer from the tap directly into her mouth...

    Customer said their food had “too much flavour”

    Checked on a table who said everything was good. The dad then called up the next day to complain about his steak. Apparently, his wife told him not to complain lol

    Two girls got upset with me because I wouldn’t give them the happy hour deal 5 hours after it ended. They told their boyfriends who just went “well yeah it ended 5 hours ago”

    The crab cakes were too fishy.

    “My food is too hot can you keep it in the kitchen until it cools down?

    Asked for Tia Maria (coffee flavoured) in an Irish coffee then complained they couldn’t taste any alcohol. Then ended up smashing the glass still filled with hot coffee over the bar and had to be wrestled out by the doorman and manager.

    Had a private event for some uni students where one of the guys gave a speech completely n*ked.

    There’s probably way more that I’m forgetting. After a few years you get numb to customers saying absurd things.

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    Sushi Debacle

    From Redditor u/B*stardjuice:

    At a sushi restaurant, an older couple came in for a late lunch.

    Old lady: “It smells fishy in here”

    “Fishy? Like strange? How do you mean?”

    She scowls “No, like… fishy.”

    Me, dumbfounded: “Is it an unusual smell you’re getting? Does it smell bad? How can I fix this?”

    “No, no. It’s fishy. Like fish. It smells like fish!”

    “Like bad fish? I assure you we have only high-quality ingredients, and we’re religious about cleanliness.”

    “It’s not that! It smells like fish!”

    “I can seat you out on the patio if you’d like, it’s got a lovely view (it really does)”

    “It’s too cold. I’m trying to tell you it smells like fish in here!”

    At this point, the frustration must have been showing on my face. “Ma’am, this a sushi restaurant. We serve fresh and raw fish. The sushi line (gesture to the boys cutting up sashimi) is right over here. Maybe that’s what you’re smelling.”

    “This is ridiculous. We’re just gonna go somewhere else!” And they got up from their seats towards the door. And the most surreal part of the whole scene, the husband was so unfazed by the whole interaction. Thousand-yard stare. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look so detached from the real world...

    My coworkers saw the whole thing and we all just scratched our collective heads in disbelief.

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    From Redditor u/elsieburgers:

    Lady mad that we didn't have grass-fed salmon. What-

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