15 Restaurant Scams, According To People That Work In The Food Industry

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Food industry workers: vote up the most common scams that restaurants get away with.

When it comes to grifting people, there is no such thing as a safe place. Restaurant grifts are actually pretty common, and it isn't just shady restaurants, either. If you dig a little bit deeper you'll find that even your favorite restaurant might be taking advantage of you.

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    Jacked Up Prices

    From Redditor u/giveyouazerbert:

    My friend works at a [donut shop] inside [a big box store] and buying donuts is the biggest rip-off there. It's like almost a dollar for one doughnut when you could walk 12 feet and buy a dozen for 3.50 and they are the exact same doughnuts because they come from the same truck.

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    Major Markup Or Bad At Math

    From Redditor u/Endorphyne:

    I got a REAL good one for you guys, makes me feel better too since I'm leaving the damn place[...] Now here's the biggest ripoff I've noticed as an employee there.

    1 order of Garlic Toast with Cheese (3 pieces of panini bread cut diagonally) will cost you $7.99 + tax.

    Now, you can order 1 piece of garlic toast with cheese for $0.99 + tax therefore, 3 x $0.99 = $2.97 as opposed to $7.99. At that price, you can get 8 pieces of garlic toast with cheese rather than just 3.

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    Appetizers? No, Thanks.

    From Redditor u/kanadaramabasa:

    I work at a Korean restaurant, and while we have good entrees, a lot of our appetizers are total ripoffs.... 5 Fried dumplings? That's $7, of course, we pay around that much for the entire frozen bag they come out of. Oh and ice cream, we have a huge tub of green tea ice cream, yet we charge $5 for a bowl of like 4 small scoops.

    I feel so bad for people who buy this stuff. If it seems like you could buy something at the local grocery, that's because it probably IS from there.

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    Microwaving Frozen Food

    From Redditor u/KNessJM:

    I used to work at an independent pizza place, and we also sold some basic Italian food on the side. We actually had a couple of decent chefs that could cook up good food, but for two dishes in particular (lasagna and something similar that I can't specifically remember) the owners insisted on buying frozen food from the grocery store and serving it.

    I was a prep cook, so I "prepared" this stuff every day. We'd literally just open the box of frozen food, cut it into portions, stick it on a plate, and put it in the freezer. When someone ordered it, the cook would toss it in the microwave. These were $6-7 menu items. Oh, and they always made sure to wait a good 10 minutes after the order came back to put the stuff in the microwave so it seemed like they were actually spending time preparing it. We were all embarrassed to work there.

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    Coffee... Every. Single. Time.

    From Redditor u/nkdeck07:

    Coffee anywhere, I once calculated the profit we got per cup and it was like 90% of the cost.

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    "Hand Cut" Chips

    From REdditor u/TheDukeAtreides:

    The steakhouse I work at has won state awards for our delicious "hand cut chips". Hand-cut my *ss, every morning I rip open a bag of frozen spud slices and drop them in the fryer. They are delicious though. We serve them topped with bleu cheese dressing and crumbles. Also, our Kobe pops (Kobe beef meatball appetizer things) have a lot of normal hamburgers to fill out the batch. Kobe beef is really expensive

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