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21 Snooty Customers Who Got Revenge Served To Them On A Silver Platter

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Customer service is a wild, wild game. Serving up food to strangers can put you in touch with some really nice people, and also some real a**holes. Every now and then, an innocent server manages to get a little bit of revenge on a particularly awful customer.

Those stories are recorded on the r/TalesFromYourServer thread.

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    'My boss defended me, as only a Mother can'

    From Redditor u/qtakhisis:

    I worked for years in an upscale restaurant owned by a Greek family. If u have ever worked for a Greek family, u know that if ur there for years, you ARE family. In the decade that I waited tables there, I had exactly 2 experiences that upset me due to customers. One involved the grabbing of my bodypart by a drunk customer and ended up with the owner, head waiter, 2 busboys, the chef and dishwasher yelling at him in 4 different languages. He ended up in the dumpster, i am not sure he knows completely what happened.

    The other was this: The man was by himself and a pr**k to start out. He was wearing a very nice suit with a pocket square. He was whatever a male Karen is called. His food was too slow, not right, too cold... blablabla. The 4th time his reorder came, it was apparently fine. Or the 3 martini's kicked in. The staff was keeping an eye on him too because I never complained about a customer. Except him. When I came by to ask if he wanted any dessert, his response was "you covered in whipped cream honey!" Then he slapped my a**. I. WAS. LIVID. I had a pitcher in my hand to refill water. Yep. Right over his head.

    He started screaming and yelled for the owner. She came out and he stood there dripping wet yelling at her that he wanted me fired immediately. I just stood there with my arms crossed. She looked at me and said "you dump water on him?" "Yep." He smirked. "He deserves or accident?" He turnes red getting ready to yell again. "He absolutely deserved it." I replied. She started out in english, but at some point went to greek.

    Without turning around she made a 'come here' gesture tward the kitchen. Every male in the kitchen came out and stood behind us. After a bit of back and forth she ended with "This good girl. She not mad easy. She handle party of 60 herself. She do this then you a bad man. You pay. Leave good tip. Then you never come back to any of my restaurants." I think the table of firemen, some regulars of mine btw, standing up also helped make her point. She took his picture and made sure all 5 of her restaurants in our not very big town had a copy and his name.

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    'The nastiest customers gave me the greatest serving experience of my life'

    From Redditor u/brandimariee6:

    This happened years ago, but it still feels like it was yesterday. I (29f) was serving at a Steak ‘n Shake, and was about 70lbs bigger than I am now. I’m very white, with blonde hair, so you wouldn’t know by looking at me that I’m almost fluent in Spanish. As I was cleaning a table one night, the one right next to it was seated for me. While wiping the dirty table, I heard the new table talking loudly about me in Spanish. They were saying how big my butt was, how fat I was, how they didn’t want to be served by someone so disgusting, not knowing that I 100% understood them. My initial reaction was anger and tears; I wanted to give them bad service and not even try to be nice. But, I wanted to be the bigger person. I walked to the table and did my “welcome to Steak n Shake! My name is Brandi and I’m here to help you out,” but I said it all in Spanish. The look of shock and embarrassment on their faces gave me one of the greatest feelings ever. Then, I listed every burger, every milkshake flavor and every side item in Spanish. For the entire meal, I spoke no English at all, and I gave them the kindest/most attentive service I’ve ever given anyone. The nicer I was, the more humiliated and ashamed they were. When one of them asked quietly if he could have some more water, I already had a tray in my hand with his water on it. They refused to speak Spanish to me, and would hardly even look at me. When they left, they closed their ~$25 check, then left me a $50 bill under a plate for my tip. Such a glorious day! Everyone always asks why I didn’t spit in their food, give them bad service, or ring in their order wrong. K*ll people with kindness baby! That’s the way I do it.

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    'A new breed of awful customer...'

    From Redditor u/Pechadur:

    My restaurant... started seeing a new, weekly customer. A normal interaction with him goes as such:

    Me: Hi, how are you?

    C: Ignores everything

    Me: Are you picking up?

    C: Nods his head once

    Me: Whats the name for the order?

    C: sighs the most long suffering sigh you ever did hear Name

    Me: Alright, your total is [amount]

    And that’s usually it. But ever since I had the nerve to remind this customer that they have to wear a mask indoors due to the Governor’s orders, he’s become increasingly snippy and combative...

    He came in [once] and put down two rolls of coins. $10 in the form of quarters and $5 in the form of dimes. [He] had this smirk on his face like he won a game he created.

    Little does (did?) he know that I’m super petty. I will play someone’s game and I will win it.

    So, I unwrap the coins and start counting them out in front of him. After I’m through with the quarters, I go to pick up the dimes and he interrupts me.

    C: It’s wrapped for five, you can just put it in and give me the change.

    Me: I’m sorry, I have to make sure it’s all there. We have had trouble with this before.

    C: Oh...

    So, I count out the rest of the change that I needed from the dimes and, instead of giving the dollar bills he probably wanted, I scooped the rest of the dimes up and gave them back.

    Granted, it was super petty and I shouldn’t have done it, but. I’m tired of customers coming in like they’re God’s gift to Earth just because of the current state of the world.

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    '"Shut the door it's cold" ma'am a lady has fainted'

    From Redditor u/yuuki230:

    I work at a small restaurant and Sundays are always busy because of our Sunday roast. This happened before the lunchtime rush. We had 2 tables in. One table was a old couple and the other a family of 4 (grown up kids. [aged] 20-25)... On the family table the daughter has a panic [episode] and ends up actually passing out, she came around quickly. We open the door to allow some air in for her as she was next to the door.

    Old Lady: shut the door. It's freezing (she was sat no where near the door and it wasn't open that much)

    Me: ma'am I will soon, this lady needs some fresh air.

    Old Lady: No. You will shut it now. My food is going cold.

    I keep the door open and get Manager and tell him what's going on.

    Old Lady: shut the door my food is going cold.

    Manager: ma'am a lady has fainted.

    Old Lady: I don't care. I don't want my food getting cold.

    We ignore her for a bit and she keeps on.

    Old Lady: if you don't shut the door I'm leaving.

    We didn't shut the door. True to her word she got up and left. Her husband stayed behind. He ate his lunch, ordered a dessert and a drink to follow that. He apologied for his wife's behaviour and tipped well. The wife waited outside the whole time. We think that Old Lady thought that her husband would've just followed her.