Restaurant Servers Describe The Most Awful Food Requests They’ve Ever Had

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Anyone who's ever worked in the service industry has some tales to tell about customer interactions - from the grotesque to the outright rude or illegal. Server horror stories are in a league of their own, since they deal with the food people purposely choose to put into their bodies.

Some restaurant server stories involve the food they have to serve to customers that they advise everyone avoid at all costs. These stories are about just the opposite experience. Wait staff took to Reddit to describe the requests they received from customers that made their stomachs churn.

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    A Burger Dipped In The Restaurant's Grease Trap

    From a former Redditor

    My sister worked for Carl's Jr. Every day a lady would ask that her burger be dipped into the grease trap.

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    Cheesecake With Onion And Cilantro

    From a Redditor:

    I have worked in restaurants my whole life and have seen my share of odd requests. The one that I will always remember is when I had a gentleman order a slice of cheesecake with raw onion and cilantro on top. He devoured that sh*t. Grossed me out to the max.

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    The Fat From A Piece Of Roast Beef Covered In Gravy

    From Redditor /u/Shottaz83:

    I used to work at a restaraunt. We had just finished making roast beef and cutting off all of the fat for the sandwiches. Our dishwasher at the time asked me to put all of the fat onto a dish and cover it in gravy. It was easily over 2 lbs of pure fat. He ate the entire plate... I was disgusted.

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    Burgers Covered In Artificial Sweetener

    From Redditor /u/bacloldrum:

    Watched a kid and his dad order burgers at Bob Evans at 9 am and cover them in artificial sweeteners like Equal and Sweet'N Low. I mean, it's not even noon. At least have the decency [to] use real sugar.

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    Microwaved Salad

    From Redditor /u/PNW-Tec:

    Back when I used to work in a restaurant, I had a couple... but this is one that still sticks out in my mind.

    One lady wanted her salad microwaved so the cheese would melt. I confirmed [her order] a couple of times: she wanted the entire salad - dressing, veggies, everything - microwaved for melted cheese. It was a disgusting, droopy mess, but she happily ate it.

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    Rare Hamburger With Peanut Butter, Ketchup, And Mayo

    From Redditor /u/laudinum:

    Once I had a customer order a rare hamburger with peanut butter, ketchup, and mayo on it. I believe we were not allowed to serve him the burger rare because this was around the time when Jack in the Box had some hamburger problems in the '90s. He offered to sign a waiver to receive his rare burger, but I think we had to stand firm.

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