Restaurants and Fast Food Chains That Take EBT

Did you ever wonder who takes EBT? The Electronic Benefits Transfer card makes using federal benefits much easier than the old days of literal food stamps. Several fast food chains and restaurants have implemented the payment method into the checkout process although some rules apply when using EBT.

Most states only allow SNAP purchases for cold, unprepared foods. But eateries that take EBT as SNAP authorized restaurants can be found at locations primarily in California and Arizona, with limited pilot projects in Rhode Island and Florida, although some national chains take EBT in other states.

What stores and restaurants that take EBT will you find on this list? Taco Bell allows customers to pay for their orders with EBT. Along with offering EBT payment in California, Taco Bell also has EBT available in Arizona and Florida. Pizza Hut is another popular fast-food chain that accepts EBT as a payment method. California area Del Tacos are also on the list of places where you can use EBT. Denny's, Domino's Pizza, and El Pollo Loco take EBT as well.