15 Red Flags To Avoid Including On Your Resume

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Knowing how to create the perfect resume is an art that not everyone knows how to master. For those who are sitting in front of their computers with a blank page, wondering what not to put on your resume, these people have shared what resume red flags to avoid. Check out this list with the most common mistakes to avoid and vote up!

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    Submitting The Same Bland Resume To Multiple Jobs

    From Redditor u/Pollux95630:

    As someone who writes professional resumes and has reviewed my fair share, people are generally extremely lazy. They will submit the same bland cookie-cutter resume to multiple jobs, full of typos, grammar errors, and formatting consistency issues... [W]e will put out an ad for a position and might get 50 resumes. Of those 50, maybe five or 10 of them are competent. The rest are terrible and get put in the round file pretty quickly.

    Take the time to custom tailor your resume for the job posting you are applying to. Identify key words in their requirements and find places in your resume where you can use those same key words if applicable. You may have called it one thing but another employer calls it another; use their verbiage.

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    Having Too Many Unfocused Certifications

    From Redditor u/fadevelocity:

    I have hired computer programmers and a big red flag for me is lots of certifications in various different languages and technologies. It generally points to someone who is good at passing tests but places a lower value on the creative and problem-solving aspects of programming.

    A small number of relevant certifications is a good indicator of focus and commitment to a platform or application, but scattergun certifications are just noise.

    Test passers were woefully bad at simple interview questions like, “Write me some pseudo-code that determines if a number between 1 and n is a factor of both five and three.”

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    Lots Of White Space

    From a Redditor:

    One thing I was recently told was white space.

    Even if your resume has a lot on it, large white blank space stands out, and the person will look and think you don't have a lot of achievements.

    Formatting is important. Spread out the information evenly on the page.

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    'Insert Name'

    From Redditor u/Psyco_diver:

    I used to get people that would copy and paste from a ready-made resume online. Nothing wrong with that except they would forget to check because it would have blank spots or "insert name, experience, wage, etc." If you're not going to double-check this then I doubt you'll work out.

    That said, I have hired people that have worked out great with what some professionals would call terrible resumes where there would be little to no format or logic.

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    Being Too Long

    From Redditor u/OccasionallyWright:

    Length. I got a resume today that was 11 pages long for a midlevel communications job. That's an automatic deal-breaker.

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    Using Your Spouse As Military Experience

    From Redditor u/CaptainPrower:

    Women say they have previous experience as a member of the armed forces and then put in "military spouse" as their rank.

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