The Best MLB Players To Have Their Numbers Retired

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Vote up the best MLB players to have their legendary number retired for all time.

These are the best MLB players to have their numbers retired by the team where they made the biggest impact. Not every player in the MLB gets their number retired, it is an honor bestowed upon the best players of a franchise. The Yankees have the most retired jerseys, with 22 numbers never to be worn again by a Yankees player. Does that mean that Babe Ruth or another Yankee will make it to the top of the list? While all of these baseball players are great at the game, having your number retired does not automatically get you into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Players on this list that have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame are noted. The one MLB retired number that is effective league-wide is Jackie Robinson’s number 42. Every player, manager, and coach wears the number 42 on Jackie Robinson Day, April 15.

Look below to see all the numbers retired in the MLB and if your favorite player has had their number retired. Then vote up the players that you think played the game the best. This list does not have current players because they are still using their numbers and it does not have numbers that were retired for coaches, managers, or owners. This list is for players only and will determine the best MLB players to have had their number retired.

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