The Best MLB Players Who Retired In 2023



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America's pastime is one of the most beloved, cherished, and celebrated sports with some of the greatest professional athletes the world has ever seen. With genius IQ, rocket-powered arms, and an overall aura of coolness about them, players in the MLB have become heroes and legends all those who watch baseball. However, much like all things, eventually, time runs out, even for the greats, and more and more legends of the past retire with each passing year. The MLB players who retired in 2023 may be taking their final bow on the field, leaving a massive hole in the hearts of baseball fans around the globe, but they are also leaving a buzz of excitement in seeing what all of these incredibly talented individuals will do next.

Many players on this list have had an astronomical impact on the game of baseball and how we know the MLB today while some had the primes of their careers cut short due to injury. Some simply decided it was time to walk away from the game like Darren O'Day, Adam Warren, and David Phelps, while others decided to seek different opportunities in the sports world. No matter how long or short their career was, the best MLB players who retired in 2023 left a resounding impact on the game of baseball and provided fans with memories that will last them a lifetime.

Celebrate the careers of the baseball players retiring in 2023, and be sure to vote up the best retired MLB players who had the greatest impact on the game throughout their careers. Check back throughout the year to see the list of greats who retire throughout 2023, and check out The Greatest Baseball Players of All Time to see where these legends stack up against the all-time greats.

  • Lorenzo Cain
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC0
    25 votes

    Lorenzo Cain

    Announced Retirement on March 8, 2023

    Career Achievements:
    2× All-Star (2015, 2018)
    World Series champion (2015)
    ALCS MVP (2014)
    Gold Glove Award (2019)

    • Position: Center fielder
    • Birthplace: Valdosta, Georgia
    • Teams: Milwaukee Brewers
  • Dexter Fowler
    Photo: Los Angeles Angels / Instagram
    15 votes

    Announced Retirement on February 1, 2023

    Career Achievements:
    All-Star (2016)
    World Series champion (2016)

    • Position: Center fielder
    • Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
    • Teams: Colorado Rockies (2008–2013), Houston Astros (2014), Chicago Cubs (2015–2016), St. Louis Cardinals (2017–2020), Los Angeles Angels (2021)
  • 3
    15 votes

    Announced Retirement on February 20, 2023

    Career Achievements:
    2× All-Star (2013, 2015)

    • Position: Second baseman
    • Birthplace: Northbrook, Illinois
    • Teams: Cleveland Indians (2011–2019), Chicago Cubs (2020)
  • Darren O'Day
    Photo: Baltimore Orioles / Twitter
    18 votes

    Announced Retirement on January 30, 2023

    Career Achievements:
    All-Star (2015)

    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
    • Teams: Los Angeles Angels (2008), New York Mets (2009), Texas Rangers (2009-2011), Baltimore Orioles (2012-2018), Atlanta Braves (2019-2020
  • Sergio Romo
    Photo: Sergio Romo / Twitter
    10 votes

    Announced Retirement on March 16, 2023

    Career Achievements:
    All-Star (2013)
    3× World Series champion (2010, 2012, 2014)

    • Position: Relief pitcher, Pitcher
    • Birthplace: Brawley, California
    • Teams: Minnesota Twins
  • David Phelps
    Photo: Golden Bay Sports / Twitter
    14 votes

    David Phelps

    Announced Retirement on January 18, 2023

    Career Achievements:
    Career ERA: 3.80
    Career Saves: 7
    Win-Loss Percentage: 0.46%

    • Position: Pitcher
    • Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
    • Teams: New York Yankees (2012–2014), Miami Marlins (2015–2017), Seattle Mariners (2017), Toronto Blue Jays (2019), Chicago Cubs (2019)