The Best NFL Players Who Retired In 2022

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All the NFL players who retire in 2022 will leave a legacy that lives on. The average career length for NFL players is 3.3 years, according to the NFL Players Association. Many of the players who will appear on this list will have played much longer than the average. In this time, they have played through countless injuries and made an impact on the game. Look to this list regularly to see the best NFL players who retired in 2022, either because it was their time or because injuries cut a promising career short.

The biggest NFL retirements of 2022 came in the form of two legendary quarterbacks who dueled in the AFC for over a decade, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. These two combined played in 12 Super Bowls over a 17-year span. As we all know, Brady is the GOAT quarterback, but the two-time champion Roethlisberger is right up near the top of the best quarterbacks of all time. Brady later became the latest of NFL players to un-retire when he announced his return to the game after only 40 days on the sidelines!

Such short careers ensure prominent players retire from the NFL every year. Look to this list for a running record of football players retiring in 2022. Almost all of the 32 NFL teams say their goodbyes to a veteran or two each year. Vote up the recently retired NFL players who had the most impact on the game during their careers, and check back throughout the year to see who else retires.