Top Retired Pro Wrestlers With Regular Post-Fame Jobs  

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Professional wrestling gives you an opportunity to live in the spotlight with the potential to make millions of dollars. However, it doesn't work out like this for everyone. Wrestlers get older, a little more injury-prone, or have other passions that take them away from the wrestling business and into retirement. Because of this, there are many pro wrestlers who have regular jobs now.

Because not everyone can live the rest of their life on their wrestling earnings, there are several retired wrestlers with normal jobs. A retired women's champion can open up a doggie daycare. A fearsome monster can be the best auto detailer in Florida. You can team up with a multi-time tag team champion to sell your house. Take a look at some these formerly-famous wrestlers who have normal jobs today.

Diamond Dallas Page is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Top Retired Pro Wrestlers With Regular Post-Fame Jobs
Photo:  DDP Yoga

The former WCW champion Diamond Dallas Page motivated the crowd and got them amped with his wrestling promos. Now he's amping up and motivating students with his DDP Yoga program. After retiring from the ring in the mid-2000s, Page decided to teach his own brand of yoga that also incorporated bodyweight exercises.

His yoga business has been abuzz in recent years, since many practitioners reported weight loss and more flexibility in their joints. Many current and former wrestlers use DDP Yoga to stay in shape, too. 

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Photo:  David Maus Toyota

Whether it was the dominant King Haku in the WWF or the monstrous Meng in WCW, Tonga Fifita was touted for his toughness both in and out of the ring. But today, he is all smiles as he manages the auto detailing department of David Maus Toyota in his hometown of Kissimmee, FL.

While fans would have kept their distance from him in the past, he's better known for his quality work and friendly service today.

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Lisa Moretti is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Top Retired Pro Wrestlers With Regular Post-Fame Jobs
Photo:  WWE

The former WWE Women's Champion Ivory had an enriching career in pro wrestling, but is now exploring another passion: dogs. When she retired for good in 2007, she and her business partner started Downtown Dog, a doggie daycare center and grooming business in Friday Harbor, Washington.

She would later expand her business to Bow Wow Bus, a bus that takes dogs on day trips after they get cleaned and brushed.

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Photo:  New York Yankees

In WWE, Gene Snitsky was a sweaty monster that would punt a baby on a whim. Today, as a bodyguard, he'll punt anyone who threatens former Yankee Alex Rodriguez. 

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